Review: Wicked at the Regent Theatre Melbourne

Wicked Australia

In an era where the fantastical often mirrors the stark realities of our world, Wicked, the beloved musical, draws thousands into its emerald allure yet again, proving its timeless relevance and enchanting allure. Its latest revival in Melbourne, commemorating the 20th anniversary of its Broadway debut, prompts the perennial question: Does Wicked continue to cast its spell over audiences, or is its magic waning?

From the moment you step into the opulent ambiance of the Regent Theatre, it’s clear that Wicked hasn’t lost an iota of its charm or vibrancy. The production, with its slick costumes, precise choreography, and larger-than-life sets, remains a testament to the creative ingenuity behind this spellbinding musical. Yet, it’s not the spectacle alone that keeps audiences riveted; it’s the effervescent energy and unparalleled talent of the cast that breathe new life into the familiar tale.

Courtney Monsma’s portrayal of Glinda is nothing short of spectacular, infusing the character with a delightful mix of humor, warmth, and depth. Her interaction with Sheridan Adams’ Elphaba, whose vocal prowess and emotional range anchor the show, makes for a compelling narrative of friendship, rivalry, and redemption. Together, their performances not only captivate but also elevate the material, making every note of “Defying Gravity” resonate with a fresh sense of urgency and inspiration.

While the production eloquently showcases the dazzling spectacle that fans expect, it’s the underlying themes of social justice, acceptance, and the consequences of ambition that give Wicked its lasting appeal. The musical deftly navigates these complex issues, making it as much a reflection on contemporary societal dilemmas as a fantastical escape. This thematic depth, coupled with stellar performances and a visually stunning production, ensures that Wicked remains not just relevant but essential viewing.

As Wicked continues its run at the Regent Theatre, it’s evident that the magic of this allegorical tale has not diminished over time. If anything, it has gained new dimensions, resonating with audiences who find in its songs and stories a mirror to their own experiences and struggles. In the end, Wicked is more than a musical—it’s a phenomenon that, like the best of tales, only grows richer with time.

Venue Regent Theatre, Melbourne
Season From 2 March
Performance Times Wed-Sat 7.30pm, Matinees Wed 1pm, Sat 2pm, Sun 1pm & 6:30pm
Prices: From $79.00 (transaction fees apply)
Bookings: or phone 1300 111 011