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Celebrate Australia with food: South Australian dining series at MODE Kitchen and Bar

Francesco Mannelli Mode Kitchen 1

In the hotel lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, MODE Kitchen and Bar rules the roost – along with Grain Bar – in giving its guests and visitors one hell of a ride in gastronomy. A part of the hotel’s Celebrate Australia dining series, head chef Francesco Mannelli has played with some of the finest fare – and seasonally-based, geographically sourced goods from down under – the country has to offer. It hails from South Australia, really heroing a lot of what the state has to offer. And for an Italian, Mannelli really loves what it does; adding a lot of variety to food he knows well and loves to work with. For Mannelli, simplicity is key when working with such incredible produce. He notes that the best way to highlight an ingredient that is already special on its own, is to create a dish with a good balance of flavour, a contrast in texture and respects the produce. Guests dining on the new menu can experience dishes like sautee Coorong Pippies, served with spicy sausages from Calabria, karkalla and grilled focaccia; a grilled hard to source cut in the form of a Mayura Station Wagyu Tri Tip MB 9+ with roasted balsamic onions; Hiramasa kingfish sashimi with sweet and sour sauce, macadamia and pickled onion and a South Australian kangaroo loin, crusted with crushed Tasmanian pepper, warigal greens and beetroot. “It is one of Mode Kitchen & Bar’s key philosophy to work with local produce, showcasing to our International and domestic clientele…. Read More