The new MG ZS car is the ultimate entryway into owning a SUV

MG ZS SUV James Banham

When you see a car like this, you think expensive

But, what you found out that the base model MG ZS – now owned by the Chinese SAIC Motor Company – would set you back only just over $20k?

When it comes to getting into SUV ownership, MG Motors know what’s going on and have crafted a perfect to drive, easy-to-use and stylish-to-look at SUV for inner city driving that more than ticks all the boxes.

It has scored a 6/10 rating on Cars Guide, which indicates two things: it looks good, the inside is nice and it’s good value for money, but it lets you down in a few areas, which if quality driving is high on your agenda, might lead you to rethink.

The look

It’s a handsome car. It’s the kind of set of wheels you’d happily park in your driveway for the neighbours to ogle. And ogle, they would. Despite its wheels that look a little too small for the size of the girth above them, it’s a nice, sleek design with a small-yet-spacious feel about it.

The gradients on the body of the car look like a more modern age Mazda variation, but then again, it’s obviously what’s in demand if you look on the roads.

What it’s like inside

The MG ZS is what you’d consider a ‘small’ SUV in comparison to others on the market (of which there’s around 20 options out there to buy). But sitting in the car, you realise just how not small it is.

The MG ZS comes with leather trims and some of the bells ‘n’ whistles you want from a new ride, which makes it comfy to sit in.

Its touchscreen accessories make for a nice touch and it seems to have taken cues from Mazda again with the finishings like aircon vents.

There’s no cover over the middle console, which isn’t ideal if you’re a leaner, but the driver’s passenger’s and rear passenger’s doors are all kitted out with enough doorside storage for cups and papers than you’d ever need. The back seat doesn’t come with a pull-down armrest, which isn’t ideal, but a great deal of it can be overlooked if looking up is your thing. The MG ZS Essence comes with a stargazer roof, which fully retracts, giving you some pretty great lighting and views straight up from all around the cabin.

The tech

If you’re an iPhone user, then the car is built for you. With  Apple CarPlay  built into the dashboard it all talks to each other, but if GPS and maps are your thing, then prepare to run them through the phone itself, because the car isn’t going to do it. It also doesn’t work with Androids (other than Bluetooth).

It’s a pretty clunky system to operate with not many elements of it being found in the most logical of places. Sure, you get used to it, but it’s not super user friendly right off the bat.

The stargazer roof retracts and pops-up to keep the ventilation going during extended use, but it might fast-become your nightlight if you’re sitting in the back because those seats don’t have any sort of lighting provided, which if you’re travelling with kids or need to see in general at night, mightn’t be ideal.

What it’s like to drive

Holistically speaking, the MG ZS is a great inner city car. You’d shy away from taking it interstate or over too treacherous roads on account of the handling and suspension from time-to-time, but otherwise it’s a nice city ride.

You wouldn’t call it ‘zippy’, but it offers three driving functions depending on the demand, so at least your most primary bases are covered.

The MG ZS has rear parking sensors and a camera as standard, which is accurate and measures to the centimetre, which is handy if you don’t trust your own skill.

Rapid-fire Q&As

What’s the boot like? 

Spacious! The rear seats fold forward, too, so it’s ideal for moving, travel or just hauling a lot of stuff.

Does it have keyless entry? 

Yes. And push-button start, too.

Can I plug an auxiliary cord in? 

Yes, the ports are tucked into the front and middle compartment.

Does it have seat warmers? 


Where can I get it serviced? 

There are only a few servicing locations around the country. Have a look here for more.


Check out the MG ZS here.

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