TRUFF debut new hot sauce just in time for truffle season

Truffle season is upon and us and this is one season you don’t want to miss because the awards winning truffle hot sauce aficionados, TRUFF, have released a brand new sauce to their range. Their most luxe sauce, the White TRUFF sauce, now comes in an even hotter variety. Introducing TRUFF White Hotter Sauce.

If you’re not familiar with truffles, black truffle is the more mild variety many of us will be familiar with, while white are the extra sumptuous variety that are more fragrant and flavourful. This sauce packs that flavour punch of white truffles with the hot spiciness of TRUFF’s hotter sauces. Containing a curated blend of ripe chilli peppers, organic agave nectar, the rarer white truffle, and a hint of coriander, this is one to add to your pantry for the fancy dinner parties (or your Saturday night date night at home). 

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If you’re wondering which the right TRUFF sauce for you is, here’s a breakdown of the hotness scale and flavour profiles so you know which one to choose for your tastebuds:

TRUFF Hot Sauce

Regular hotness, classic black truffle flavour.

Pairs best with nachos and burgers. 

TRUFF Hotter Sauce 

Maximum hotness, more mild black truffle flavour.

Pairs best drizzled on pizzas and baked potatoes.

White TRUFF Sauce

Regular hotness, dialled up umami white truffle flavours.

Pairs best with avocado toast and grilled cheese.

TRUFF White Hotter Sauce 

Maximum hotness and maximum truffle flavour.

Pairs best with scrambled eggs and fresh pasta.

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