4 things to know when planning your trip to Japan

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For many tourists, Japan is one of those countries they have to visit at least once in their lifetime. If you are planning your trip to this amazing country, then it is going to be the trip you will remember for the rest of your life. Many people think that traveling to Japan is very […]

Travelling sustainably: Lonely Planet’s guide to not killing the earth while you holiday

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Think off-grid camps, community stays, responsible wildlife encounters, cultural immersion tours, conservation opportunities, green hotels and more, the new guide book by Lonely Planet, available this March, has the Earth’s back. “While the global tourism industry has made great strides towards sustainability in recent years, achieving sustainable tourism is a continuous process,” Lonely Planet says. “This process […]

Australian’s travel guide essentials for your next trip to Italy


“According to The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, there were 978,421 Australian citizens who visited Italy in 2017, making it the 6th most popular overseas destination,” says Roberto Carozza, a travel expert from travelspring.it. Mr Carozza continues that say, “And it’s easy to see why, Italy provides a beautiful holiday destination and […]

Everything you need to know about Australian citizen visas for Spain


Did you know that Spain was the third most visited country in 2016? Approximately 75.6 million tourists flocked to the beautiful European country. Of that number, The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Spain was Australia’s 22nd largest short-term destination. In the year ended September 2017, 88,500 Australian residents returned from Spain following […]

What travel really does for you

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Getting away from where you’re currently situated, and heading off to a completely new part of the world is one of the greatest things you can do in life. We’re naturally hunters and gatherers, you know? It might not feel that way because we’re all pretty domesticated, and we have to stay in one place […]

Sleeping on a plane: How to do it right

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When travelling by plane internationally, your flight may be exhausting, boring, or even make you nervous. That is due to the long hours spent on one seat. In order to avoid getting trapped in that circle of boredom, you need to accept the flight as an ordinary day. That means you should adjust your daily […]

A new way to discover Barcelona: EDITION, TokyoBike and B-Guided show you how

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For the times you just want someone to have done the hard work for you, Barcelona is obviously where you need to go. EDITION hotel in Barcelona, on the edge of El Born District, in the heart of the city, beside the Barcelona Cathedral and right next to the Santa Caterina Market, is not only […]

Transform your travel goals with Lonely Planet’s new guide

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What do you get out of travelling? Are you after personal growth? Wanting to see new things? A change? Whatever the reason, you’re not alone and there’s something to be taken from any and every experience you find yourself in. Lonely Planet cottoned on to this and asked 7,500 members of its dedicated community of […]

Time for some bucket list inspiration: Consider these ideas

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We can all agree, that we can often get stuck in a rut when it comes to booking our vacations. We can often prefer to stick with what we know, after all, for some a vacation only happens just once a year. So it has to be right first time. But, because we can be […]

Top holiday destinations for Latinos in 2019

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When it comes to holidays and travelling, few people do it better than Latinos. According to statistics from the National Tour Association (NTA), Hispanics in the US spend over $56 billion in vacations and leisure travel every year. Also, Hispanics are noted as being the fastest-growing demographic in the States. As the number of Latinos […]

Moving abroad? Here’s how you can make it feel more like home

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Moving abroad or owning a second home abroad comes with many challenges, one of which is making your new house feel like home. Not only are you moving to a new house you’re also moving into a new culture, but the destination and a lot is also going to be different and fell different. This […]

New Greek haven: OMMA in Santorini is open

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There’s this hotel in Santorini Greece, OMMA, that’s worth a visit, if not for anything else, its pool alone! But why limit yourself, right? The hotel is up there with one of the best, offering views, views, views; quality beach access; all the pool time you need and privacy complete with luxuriousness that money can […]