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The World’s Most Beautiful Villages You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 

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The Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO is a remarkable global initiative that sets the spotlight on exceptional villages globally, valuing the integral role tourism plays in conserving cultural heritage, promoting diversity, offering opportunities, and protecting biodiversity. These are they: Lephis, Ethiopia – Africa  Nestled within the heart of Ethiopia’s Lephis Forest lies the lush village of Lephis. This hidden gem is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, pristine hiking trails, rich flora and fauna, and awe-inspiring panoramic views. A united and close-knit community valuing sustainability and eco-conscious living, the village of Lephis is involved in conservation efforts and ecotourism, ensuring that the natural beauty of the area is preserved for generations to come. Local artisans craft handmade souvenirs and organic products which reflect the harmony between nature and the village’s culture.  The forest is home to around 2,000 households many of which are now supported by what’s called Lephis Ecotourism Village – a community-based initiative to preserve local heritage and help the community, while encouraging tourism through the provision of tour guide services and supply of local crafts. Visitors can purchase handicrafts such as beaded jewelry and wood carvings made from local grass and bamboo, thanks to the village’s Mishike Handicraft Association, which employs both men and women.   Located just 160km south of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, this village is a haven for nature enthusiasts, eco-tourists, and adventure seekers alike.  Caleta Tortel, Chile – America  In Chile’s XI region, Caleta Tortel is a historic timber port nestled between the Northern and Southern Ice Fields. It’s known for its charming Guaitecas Cypress wood boardwalks and structures. Explore the local culture through conservation activities ranging from traditional Guaitecas Cypress raft construction to immersive beekeeping experiences guided by friendly locals. Travellers can also enjoy culinary adventures with dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced and seasonal produce. Caleta Tortel offers a unique opportunity to experience the magic… Read More