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Why celebrate 15 years of Spice Temple

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In the bustling culinary landscape of Sydney, Spice Temple stands as a beacon of gastronomic excellence, celebrating 15 years of crafting unforgettable dining experiences. With a dedication to sourcing only the finest ingredients and a commitment to culinary artistry, Spice Temple has solidified its reputation as a dining institution that captivates the hearts and palates of Sydney’s discerning diners. A legacy of exceptional suppliers Throughout its illustrious history, Spice Temple has curated a selection of exceptional suppliers, each chosen with care and a shared vision of quality and excellence. From the renowned David Blackmore Wagyu to the artistry of Velluti’s, Spice Temple’s dedication to working with the best in the industry is evident in every dish served. By fostering close relationships with suppliers like Bruce Collis, Nicholson & Saville, Andrews Meat’s, and Poulos Bros, Spice Temple ensures that only the finest ingredients grace its menu. The heart of Spice Temple: quality above all For Executive Chef Evans, the heart of Spice Temple lies in the relentless pursuit of quality. By engaging directly with fishermen, growers, and farmers, Evans ensures that only the freshest and most exceptional produce finds its way onto the menu. This dedication to quality is non-negotiable, with Evans emphasizing, “If it’s not the best we can buy, it doesn’t go on the menu.” This commitment to excellence resonates through every aspect of Spice Temple’s culinary offerings, setting a standard of uncompromising quality that defines the dining experience. A badge of honour: Sydney’s culinary gem With its unwavering dedication to quality, Spice Temple… Read More

Astro new restaurant in Barangaroo Sydney

Astro Feast

Nestled at the heart of Sydney’s bustling waterfront, The Streets of Barangaroo, Astro emerges as a vibrant gem, inviting diners into a world where the culinary traditions of Tokyo’s izakayas and Seoul’s barbecues blend seamlessly. This modern Asian BBQ restaurant, situated in the space once occupied by SOOT, captures the essence of joy and communal dining that owner David Bae fondly remembers from his childhood days watching Astro Boy. Astro, a creation by the innovative minds behind the successful Matkim, and part of Kolture Group, draws inspiration from the nostalgia of anime while introducing a fresh twist on izakaya-style dining. From lunchtime donburi bowls adorned with onsen tamago to evening delights of yakiniku and izakaya-inspired dishes, executive chef Jacob Lee skillfully shifts from fine dining to create an ambiance that’s both semi-casual and intricately flavourful. Signature dishes, including Sydney Rock Oysters, Ora King Salmon, and a truffle bulgogi sando, perfectly complement the creative dessert offerings like jeju mandarin and plum sorbet. The beverage menu, boasting an array of fun cocktails and highballs alongside traditional soju and sake, ensures every palate is catered to. Astro’s décor, combining Japanese Nordic aesthetics with neon lights and vintage red accents, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience, all set against the backdrop of catchy 80s ‘City Pop’ tunes. It’s more than a restaurant; it’s a destination where the fast-paced hustle of daily life gives way to moments of joy, shared meals, and laughter. Positioned within Sydney’s prime dining precinct, Astro offers a unique blend of culture, cuisine, and… Read More

Korean food in Sydney? You only need Arisun

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Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant Chinatown, Arisun stands as a beacon for those seeking authentic Korean cuisine fused with a dash of Japanese delicacies. Since its move to Chinatown in 2007, following its original establishment in Belmore in 1990, this family-owned restaurant has entrenched itself as a vital part of the city’s diverse culinary landscape. Arisun isn’t just a place to eat; it’s an invitation to immerse in a unique dining experience, where the energetic pulse of K-pop culture complements the rich flavours of Korea and Japan. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SYDNEY FOOD BLOGGER ?????? (@annabelleeatz) Upon entering Arisun, guests are greeted by an eclectic atmosphere marked by a giant neon sign, vivid displays of menu offerings, and an iconic noodle monument. The interior, featuring warm timber panelling, exposed brick walls, and spacious dining tables, can accommodate 200 guests, making it an ideal spot for gatherings. Arisun extends its hospitality outdoors as well, welcoming pets and providing a cozy environment reminiscent of home. Arisun’s menu is a testament to its commitment to quality and authenticity. Highlights include the must-try Korean Fried Chicken and Pork Belly Black Bean Noodle, priced at $19.90, catering to both halal dietary requirements and varied palates. The menu spans from Fish Cake & Udon Hot Pot to Flame Grilled Korean BBQ, with the Spicy Gochujang Boneless Chicken being a standout. Not forgetting vegetarians, a specialised menu is available upon request, ensuring everyone has a delightful culinary experience. The drink selection at Arisun is equally… Read More

Bang Bang Asian restaurant opening in Hampton

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Excitement fills the air as Bang Bang, the revered Pan Asian street food sanctuary, prepares to unveil its second location in Hampton on Wednesday, 17th April. This new addition promises to bring the vibrant flavours and innovative culinary creations that define Bang Bang to a fresh neighbourhood, inviting locals and diners citywide to embark on a tantalizing journey through the best of Asian street food in Melbourne. A Culinary Adventure Awaits After the overwhelming success of its Mordialloc restaurant, Bang Bang identified the burgeoning demand for a new location, with Hampton emerging as the ideal destination to expand its culinary empire. Drawing inspiration from Asia’s bustling street food culture and the team’s global travels, Bang Bang’s bold seasonal menu is a testament to unrivalled Pan Asian cuisine in Melbourne. The Menu: A Symphony of Flavours Dive into a world of culinary delights with Bang Bang’s diverse menu offerings, tailored to cater to every palate and occasion. From Bites to Desserts, each dish showcases a fusion of authentic produce and complex flavour profiles that transport diners to the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and India. Feast Your Senses For the ultimate dining experience, Bang Bang offers two exceptional Feed Me menus curated by the chefs, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a culinary journey filled with bold flavours and delectable surprises. Crafted Cocktails and Happy Hours Complementing the vibrant flavours of the menu are Bang Bang’s innovative cocktails, featuring tantalizing creations like Midnight Rose and Chilli Chilli Bang Bang. With Bang Bang Hour offering… Read More

It’s National Noodle Month at Sydney Place


As we embrace National Noodle Month, the spotlight is on Sydney’s culinary landscape, particularly its bustling dining precinct, Sydney Place. If you’re on the hunt for a tantalizing noodle experience, look no further! Here’s a curated selection of venues that promise to elevate your noodle indulgence to new heights. 1. Yasaka Ramen, Sydney Place Established in 2014, Yasaka Ramen stands as one of the pioneering establishments in Sydney’s ramen scene. Renowned for its signature Tonkotsu broth, meticulously crafted from pork bones and water, this luscious broth has garnered a dedicated following over the years. The two-step cooking process ensures an intricately developed flavor profile, offering a delightful symphony of taste. Fresh noodles, crafted daily on-site, along with a rotating menu of innovative dishes, make Yasaka Ramen a haven for aficionados seeking an endless journey of ramen appreciation. 2. BoBo Dumpling Bar, Sydney Place A delightful offshoot of Cantonese eatery Tao, BoBo Dumpling Bar celebrates the art of dumplings and more. Embracing age-old recipes with a contemporary twist, BoBo presents a playful take on beloved classics. From delectable dumplings and dim sum to sizzling hot pan dishes and stir-fried noodles, each offering boasts a fusion of traditional flavors and modern flair. Whether it’s the Fried Chicken Gyoza, King Prawn Pot Stickers, or the aromatic Roasted Duck, BoBo Dumpling Bar promises a delightful exploration of Cantonese cuisine. 3. Malay Chinese Noodle Bar, Sydney Place Step into the world of authentic Malay culinary mastery at Malay Chinese Noodle Bar, where the aroma of carefully crafted laksa varieties fills… Read More

Asian degustation for Good Friday at Cocobei

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Cocobei, the quintessential Melbourne-style cafe nestled in Docklands, is poised to elevate your Good Friday experience with an exclusive Good Friday Degustation event. Renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional culinary delights, Cocobei, with over two decades of industry expertise, invites guests to savor a 4-course seafood feast in a degustation style to celebrate the Easter weekend. Embracing the essence of Melbourne’s vibrant culture, Cocobei seamlessly blends Australian, French, Mediterranean, and Asian fusion brunch options to create an adventurous degustation full of flavor, promising to provide an unforgettable Good Friday. Drawing from his Chinese heritage, Martin Sun, Head Chef of Cocobei, incorporates traditional cooking techniques and aromatic spices commonly found in Chinese cuisine, infusing dishes with unique Chinese elements such as dehydration and broth-making techniques to enhance flavor. Sun also draws inspiration from Italian cooking techniques such as osmosis, and French innovations such as the sous vide, consommé, and crème practices. The degustation begins with a Gazpacho with Almond Cracker, Avocado Crème, and Torched Prosciutto, the perfect cleanser, with a hit of salt to prepare the palette for the remaining courses. The second course unveils a succulent Confit Salmon adorned with Watermelon Jerky infused with smoked oils and an aromatic blend of herbs. This advanced culinary practice, characterized by a meticulous 15-hour baking process and an additional 15 hours in the dehydrator, unveils a distinct and unparalleled flavor experience—a groundbreaking approach to culinary experiences. Elevating this creation further, it is complemented by the delicate addition of passionfruit vinegar and the vibrant burst of finger lime,… Read More

Yakimono’s night of sake appreciation

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Get ready for an extraordinary evening as Yakimono proudly presents the return of the much-anticipated Sake-Mono event! After the overwhelming success of last year’s sell-out extravaganza, we’re thrilled to announce that this exclusive experience is back – for one night only! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 9th, as Yakimono teams up once again with Yukino Ochiai, Australia’s esteemed certified sake expert and Director of Deja Vu Sake. As the country’s first female Sake Samurai and WSET certified Level 3 Japanese Sake Educator, Ochiai-san brings unparalleled expertise to guide guests through an enchanting exploration of Japanese sake. Prepare to be captivated as Ochiai-san expertly curates a tasting journey featuring extraordinary pours from renowned sake producers such as Tsukinokatsura, Kenbishi, Dewazakura, and more. These premium drops are rarely found in Australia, making this event an exclusive opportunity to savor the finest offerings from the world of Japanese sake. Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed with a signature sake cocktail, setting the stage for an evening of pure delight. Executive Chef Daniel Wilson has artfully crafted a menu of vibrant Japanese delicacies, meticulously paired with each pour. From the tantalizing Tuna Tartare Tempura and succulent BBQ King Salmon to the divine Yuzu Bombe Alaska for dessert, every dish promises to be a symphony of flavors. With tickets priced at $99 per person and limited spots available (last year’s edition sold out in a matter of days), we urge you to secure your place now to avoid missing out on this extraordinary event. Event Details: Don’t miss out… Read More

Best roti in Sydney at Kafe Kooks

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Stepping into Kafe Kooks is like stepping into an electric embrace of Asian culture, right in the bustling heart of Ultimo, Sydney. This café, with its bold and eclectic charm, has done more than just capture the attention of food enthusiasts; it has redefined the café culture by spinning a traditional Asian staple – the humble Roti – into culinary gold. Since swinging open its doors in June 2021, Kafe Kooks has become the go-to destination for not just robust coffee or a mean cocktail, but a dining experience that’s both alluringly innovative and comfortably all-day. The magic lies in their Asian-inspired menu, a homage to the song “Kooks” by David Bowie, that celebrates the spirit of individuality and authenticity through every dish. Andrew Ray, the visionary owner and a renowned Roti aficionado, alongside the culinary finesse of Head Chef Victor Thapa and the deft hands of Roti Master Surish Rajandran, have conjured a breath-taking array of dishes where Roti is not a mere side player but the star. Picture this: a Roti Canai that perfectly pairs with chicken and potato curry gravy, the zesty kick of sambal sauce, and the hearty Sarang Burung – a nod to Penang’s vibrant street food scene. Or for the avant-garde palate, their trailblazing ‘Avocado Roti Coin’, a twist on the beloved classic that promises to intrigue and satisfy. Whether it’s falling for “The Curry Collection” with its voluptuous curries companioned by aromatic roti, or finding delight in a space that offers a warm welcome not just to you… Read More

Kowloon Cafe Express opens in Chatswood, Sydney

Chinese Kowloon Cafe

Chatswood has just welcomed its latest culinary gem, the renowned Kowloon Cafe Express, which opened its doors on the 12th of January, 2024. This marks the fourth establishment under the Kowloon Cafe umbrella, breathing life into Chatswood’s vibrant food scene with its unique Hong Kong-inspired ambience and cuisine. The grand opening of Kowloon Cafe Express is not merely the inauguration of another eatery; it symbolises an ongoing commitment to delivering an authentic slice of Hong Kong, artistically curated by Howin Chui and Howard Leei. The duo, known for their expertise in crafting niche Asian dining experiences, continue to weave cultural threads from their native Hong Kong into Sydney’s tapestry, encapsulating rich traditions with every dish served. “Howin’s vision to translate the spirit of Hong Kong into every element of his cafes – from melody to menu – has been once again realised with the opening of Chatswood’s Kowloon Cafe Express,” commented Darren Kong of Kong Studios, the architectural maestro behind the cafe’s design. Passersby can step off the bustling streets into a haven of nostalgia and new memories, perfect for fast-paced Sydneysiders who still covet the pleasure of dining. The cafe’s highlights include the Crispy Butter Pineapple Bun, the equally photogenic and palate-pleasing Hong Kong-style French Toast, and an array of beverages from traditional HK Style Condensed Milk Tea to the inventive Ribena with Vanilla Ice Cream. With Chui at the helm, Kowloon Cafe Express is set to become a cornerstone of culinary excellence in Chatswood, reinforcing the suburb’s status as a go-to destination for… Read More

New modern Asian in South Yarra Melbourne

Bar Darling restaurant

South Yarra is about to welcome a new culinary gem into its vibrant Toorak Road dining precinct. Token, a gastronomic venture by the esteemed Darling Group, is set to officially open its neon-lit, 150-seat dining space on the 23rd January 2024. Infusing the Japanese Izakaya concept with modern sophistication, Token is designed to navigate diners through a seamless culinary journey from day to evening. The venue itself personifies casual dining with a touch of decadence, featuring an open bar, a central kitchen, and a curated raw bar where sashimi and temaki are made on demand. “We’ve crafted a menu that entices a culturally curious audience with beautiful and fresh Japanese-inspired dishes,” remarks Chef Ashly Hicks, one of the creative minds behind Token’s meticulously curated menu. The restaurant has two focal points – the Liquid & Raw and the Charred & Flamed. While the former pays homage to nature’s light and fluid attributes with a cocktail bar and raw offerings, the latter explores darker, textured, and sensory facets, emanating from the open-fired kitchen. The venue features a custom-made Binchotan yakitori grill and a coal-fired oven, promising a visual spectacle for patrons. Token’s Head Chef Jun Sun, a Nobu and Ichi Ni Izakaya veteran, will bring these flame-kissed Asian fusion creations to life. Token’s menu is a celebration of umami flavours, from spicy delicacies to skewered and chargrilled delights. Standout dishes include Tempura Enoki Mushroom with Kombu Seasoning, Twice-Cooked Pork Belly Chashu Kushiyaki, and “Steak Frites” Wagyu with Japanese Pepper Sauce served alongside Token Fries. Token is… Read More