Best roti in Sydney at Kafe Kooks

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Stepping into Kafe Kooks is like stepping into an electric embrace of Asian culture, right in the bustling heart of Ultimo, Sydney. This café, with its bold and eclectic charm, has done more than just capture the attention of food enthusiasts; it has redefined the café culture by spinning a traditional Asian staple – the humble Roti – into culinary gold.

Since swinging open its doors in June 2021, Kafe Kooks has become the go-to destination for not just robust coffee or a mean cocktail, but a dining experience that’s both alluringly innovative and comfortably all-day. The magic lies in their Asian-inspired menu, a homage to the song “Kooks” by David Bowie, that celebrates the spirit of individuality and authenticity through every dish.

Andrew Ray, the visionary owner and a renowned Roti aficionado, alongside the culinary finesse of Head Chef Victor Thapa and the deft hands of Roti Master Surish Rajandran, have conjured a breath-taking array of dishes where Roti is not a mere side player but the star. Picture this: a Roti Canai that perfectly pairs with chicken and potato curry gravy, the zesty kick of sambal sauce, and the hearty Sarang Burung – a nod to Penang’s vibrant street food scene. Or for the avant-garde palate, their trailblazing ‘Avocado Roti Coin’, a twist on the beloved classic that promises to intrigue and satisfy.

Clockwise from top left corner Three Curry Collection Vegetable Curry with Nasi Minyak Beef Rendang Curry with Roit Paratha Chicken Potato Curry with Roti Paratha Cucumber Relish scaled

Whether it’s falling for “The Curry Collection” with its voluptuous curries companioned by aromatic roti, or finding delight in a space that offers a warm welcome not just to you but your four-legged friend, Kafe Kooks stands as a celebration of diversity and culinary inventiveness. Pet lovers will be pleased to know that Duke, Andrew’s charming Tenterfield Terrier, is always ready to offer a moment of furry friendship.

At Kafe Kooks, each bite is a narrative of Asia’s culinary heritage, a tribute to originality, and a call to those who seek to indulge in the sheer joy of extraordinary flavours. It’s a place where the Roti revolution is real and thriving, and where you’re always welcome to be part of a dining experience that thrives on creativity, community, and unmistakable individuality.

Come, be part of our story, and let every Roti take you on an unforgettable journey. But also try the loaded fries with butter chicken curry gravy too, they are DIVINE!

Clockwise from top left corner Loaded Fries Sambal Cucumber Relish scaled