Vitable is your own customised vitamin regimen – all from home


You’re in the pharmacy: 250 fish oil capsules, a bottle of daily B12 pills, some magnesium for regular functioning and a couple of months’ worth of vitamin C. The total? Bankrupting.

We’ve all been there and if we want any semblance of normal health, it won’t be the last time. Or, will it?

Enter Vitable, the customisable vitamin service by a couple of health enthusiasts who tailor consumers’ wellness regimes with personalised packs of vitamins and health supplements based on their diet, lifestyle and health goals.

All via an online questionnaire, which is equal parts interesting to do as it is to find out what you “need” at the end of it, the Vitable concept is pretty unique and completed in about 10 minutes.

What’re you left with at the end of it? A delivery of little pre-organised pills for your daily consumption – presented in a stylish cardboard dispenser, but individually wrapped in little plastic sachets. Shocking for the environment, but provided you use the right recycling facilities – the Redcycle initiative (Coles and Woolworths)- you won’t pollute Earth.

But the end result’s a stylishly delivered box of everything you need to make you feel your best, look your finest and operate at your peak; especially if you don’t know a thing about nutrition.

Head over to Vitable and at very least try the questionnaire to flirt with the idea of better health.