2 places to go for the best Italian and Greek desserts in Melbourne

cannoli on a table

Australia’s prized Mediterranean heritage comes fully into into its own category of awesomeness when you turn your gaze to the food.

From the roadside delis of Oakleigh to the gastronomy of the CBD and the full-on production houses of the northern suburbs, there’s no surprise Greek, Italian and Mediterranean food is right up there on Melburnians’ list of ‘must-eats’.

But, what about dessert?

For those more sugar-inclined, there’s never a reason to overlook the desserts from that region of the world and thankfully, Lukumades (Greek) and Cannoleria (Italian) are filling the gap.

Lukumades is – as the name suggests – known for their traditional Greek doughnuts, vehicles for all the sauces and toppings your heart could desire.

In fact, they’re so desired that Lukumades has just opened five shops in Indonesia on top of their outlets in Melbourne. They can’t get enough and it’s easy to see why – they’ve taken the traditional lukumade recipe, which is normally served with honey syrup and crushed walnuts, and Australianised it. They look incredible.

Lukumades 1

And if it’s something with a bit more crunch you’re after, that’s where the Italians step in, with their little pockets of deliciousness: the cannoli.

The Melburnian Cannoleria was created in 2018 by That’s Amore Cheese; the brand specialises in the traditional Sicilian dessert where the delicate tubes of golden, crunchy pastry are filled fresh daily with That’s Amore Ricotta.

We’re getting excited about them again, because on top of their usual quality array of desserts, they’re producing some themed ones for those die-hard amongst us, like: Hot Crossed Buns cannoli for Easter, Pina Colada just ‘cos and Maltesers flavoured!

cannoli pina colada

Head to their websites linked above to find out their locations.