Shower your fur baby with enrichment toys on National Puppy Day

Stylish Hound

Is your pupper living his or her best life? Not that you need an excuse, but March 23rd is National Puppy Day, so why not show your fabulous four-legged friend how much you adore him or her by gifting an enrichment toy.

Enrichment toys help doggos relieve stress and anxiety, which may be caused by separation anxiety. This is particularly relevant right now as some of us start to return to the office after spending the last year working from home. Yes, this is probably just as stressful for you as well, seeing their little face drop when you walk out the door! But, let’s focus on your fur baby for the moment. 

When you come home from work, reward your friend for their patience by providing a fun activity. Boutique doggy brand, Stylish Hound has a great range of products that will keep your dog entertained and happy – a great way to help relieve their stress when you come home from work.  

These fun products include the Hercules Chew Toys, Snuffle Mats and Lick Mats with suction. 

Hercules Chew Toys

Fill these nifty toys with your dog’s favourite snack or treat and let them at it! These Hercules chew toys help keep your hound’s teeth and gums clean while they enjoy endless stress-free entertainment. Unlike other brands, Stylish Hound uses a smaller hole to slow your pup down when licking treats out of it. 

doggo mat
These snuffle mats are a great way to keep doggo entertained by hiding their favourite treats within the mat.

Lick Mat with Suction

Dogs lick for many reasons. It could be to show affection or to grab your attention. But licking can also be a sign of stress and anxiety. Licking helps release endorphins in dogs, which in turn calms them down when they are feeling stressed. Stylish Hound’s lick mats are made from food-grade silicone that can suction onto the floor, tiles, cupboards and even the bath for those dogs that hate water time! These lick mats also help slow your dog down when they are eating – keeping them occupied for longer.

Snuffle Mats

These super cute mats are designed to stimulate your dog’s prize possession, their nose! Your dog’s natural sniffing talents will be put to the test as they rummage for treats nestled in this super soft and squishy Snuffle Mat pad. It’s guaranteed to keep your fur baby busy until they find their very last treat. 

Note: Fun should always be had alongside human supervision to keep pups safe. Stylish Hound recommends you put these products out of your hound’s reach after playtime has ended to avoid damage as no doggy toy is indestructible.