Words do hurt: Why we need to stop the hate with #LoveSpeech


Watch the video above (below on mobile).

Triggering, right?

There are, on average, 43 hateful anti-LGBT words posted a minute around the world.

The time for that to end has long since passed. With the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras taking over the city of Sydney in March, it’s a timely reminder and firm shove in the right direction of acceptance, diversity, inclusion and people. And it’s good.

There was some new research recently, which had some shocking findings, though. And all of this, despite how cosmopolitan Australia’s city centres wholly are.

Here are some stand-out bits. Check it out:

  • 74% of the Australian LGBTIQ+ community believe hurtful language directed at members of their community is a major issue in Australia today
  • 26% of Australian LGBTIQ+ adults say the first time they were the victim of hurtful language specifically about their gender or sexual identity, it was from a friend or family member
  • Online abuse has affected 40% of LGBTIQ+ millennials and 43% of LGBTIQ+ Australians under the age of 24

What the fuck?!


The sad reality is that, though marriage is legal, equality is on the rise and acceptance is growing, the sad reality is that acceptance is still a major are for growth. Just look at the stats.

That’s why, this Mardi Gras – and just throughout life in general – the #LoveSpeech campaign has such a powerful message.

“Hurtful language can have a negative impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ people, and that’s why ANZ has launched this powerful and insightful #LoveSpeech campaign, spreading beautiful messages of support for our community. Our longstanding partnership with ANZ started 14 years ago, and their passion for Mardi Gras continues to extend to the broader LGBTIQ+ community and beyond,” said Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras CEO, Albert Kruger.

In addition to the research findings, ANZ has released a short film demonstrating the profoundly negative effects of hurtful language on members of the LGBTIQ+ community. Confronting in its honesty, the film resolves with a plea to stop the hate – appealing for a world with more #LoveSpeech.

Find out more at the #LoveSpeech website.