Why you need to go back to Spice Temple: Crabs!

Spice Temple crab noodles

Spice Temple, the much-loved regional Chinese restaurant in Melbourne and Sydney, is celebrating Mud Crab season in true style, offering a feast featuring Australia’s native crabs – affectionately known as ‘Muddies’. These sumptuous crustaceans are at their seasonal best, boasting luxurious, irresistibly sweet flesh. As a quintessential ingredient in Chinese cooking and a star of the banquet style of dining at Spice Temple, the live Mud Crabs, sourced directly from Queensland, are cooked to order and dressed in delicious authentic sauces. The spice of the season, until Sunday, 31st December, is the $99 price point on all Mud Crab dishes – a value-packed proposition for a flavour-packed dish that promises to be a show-stopper at any group gathering over the summer, holiday and festive celebrations. Under the expert guidance of Spice Temple’s Executive Chef Andy Evans, the Mud Crabs are steamed to perfection to ensure their sweet, delicate flesh remains tender and untainted. Diners can choose from a variety of five traditional sauces to accompany the delectable crab meat. As the Mud Crab season progresses and the summer heat intensifies, Spice Temple’s menu will also feature Blue Swimmer Crabs and Snow Crabs, each adding their own unique flavours to the mix. For Chef Andy, Mud Crabs and live seafood are the epitome of Chinese dining and offer a unique opportunity to present the regional Chinese flavours that Spice Temple is famous for. In his words, “Mud Crabs are often considered a luxury, but the real treat for our guests this season is the limited-time $99 price, which makes them an affordable option for the family and group dining experience.”