Experience the Unmatched Flavours at UGO Fitzroy: Melbourne’s Gem of Italian Gastronomy

Ugo Fitzroy

Every gastronome’s dream has come to fruition, as UGO Cucina Popolare, heralded for its delightful, simple Italian fare, opens its pop-up location in Fitzroy in the burgeoning Fabbrica development. From Friday to Sunday, locals and food enthusiasts alike will be able to savour UGO’s unmatched coffee and Italian delicacies, courtesy of the seasoned Cannoleria team.

As the day breaks, the scent of UGO’s renowned paninis wafts through the air. These aren’t your average sandwiches – they’re an adventure for your taste buds, available in five unique porchetta-infused varieties. Each panini is a meticulously crafted masterpiece served on focaccia with flavours that range from semolina to cocoa.

Vegetarians, fear not – UGO’s Vego panini, with its eggplant caponata and burrata on barese focaccia, offers an enticing option for the plant-based crowd. If breakfast is your preferred meal, enjoy a selection of morning dishes until noon with the option to add a hearty serving of porchetta or creamy burrata.

For dessert, indulge in Cannoleria cannoli, freshly piped and ready to satisfy your sweet tooth, or choose from Biscotti Della Nonna and the Ciambellone Sponge Cake. But what’s a visit to a Melbourne cafe without the perfect coffee blend? St Remio Coffee is ready to be served in all its forms – espresso, regular, large, or mocha – catering to the discerning tastes of all coffee aficionados.

If you’re seeking the best cafe in inner North Melbourne, your search ends at UGO Fitzroy. UGO Cucina Popolare is ready to welcome you from Friday to Sunday, 8am-3pm, at 369 Gore Street, Fitzroy. For more information, visit ugo.com.au.