Writing a voiceover script: 4 tips to make the most of it

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Whenever you think of a voice actor, you are likely to think of it as an easy job. With the right talent, it is! However, there’s a lot of depth to the work of a voice actor. One of the most critical facets in creating a good video, whether for entertainment or corporate branding purpose, is a good voiceover script.

The voiceover script has a profound impact on quality of the voice recording. So, you need to take note of some of the best practices that can help you write voiceover scripts like professionals. If you want to learn more about making your voiceover scripts better, then the following discussion can help you.

The connection between voice actors and voiceover scripts is not just another example of synchronized work. The relationship has a huge role to play in create visual images in the mind of listeners when they listen to a voiceover. You need good voiceover scripts to ensure that the audience is able to take in your message as you intended.

As a matter of fact, voiceover script is as important as the video itself, and in most cases, it is the first step in video creation. Creating the voiceover script helps in designing animations that can match the content and tone of the recording. Now that you know the significance of a voiceover script let us dive into four best practices to write one.

  1. Know the difference

One of the most common mistakes people make in writing voiceover scripts refers to the lack of awareness regarding the types of scripts. Voiceover scripts could be commercial or non-commercial in nature, depending on the requirements of clients. Without the knowledge of differences between the two types of scripts, it is difficult for voiceover writers or actors to come up with a relevant script.

Let’s turn our attention towards commercial scripts first. You can find commercial scripts required for videos that appear on television, online, or on the radio. If you look closely, many people don’t care about listening to commercial scripts. Most of them provide the same information dabbed in different colors again and again.

Furthermore, commercial scripts are highly expensive and are subject to time limits. Although some commercial scripts can be longer, spanning up to 120 seconds, they are mostly short with a duration of 10 to 30 seconds. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the writing for a commercial voiceover script is condensed. Most important of all, it must have the right content and language to hold the attention of a half-interested audience.

Non-commercial voiceover scripts, on the other hand, are created for serving specific purpose of the audience. For example, non-commercial voiceover scripts are essential for e-learning, medical presentations, or professional presentations. Interestingly, non-commercial voiceover scripts are tailored for capturing the attention of an audience willing to take in the message.

The prime ingredient for bringing audience to non-commercial voiceover scripts would refer to research or the personal interests and requirements of the audience. It is also important to remember that non-commercial scripts aim at delivering information or educating people. So, be prepared for scripts that could be one minute to more than 30 minutes in length.

  • Maintain a conversational tone

The most prominent factor that can help in ensuring that you get a great voiceover script is by following a conversational tone in the script. You can choose a British male voiceover artist for bringing an eccentric feel to your script, albeit with concerns about its perception. How will your audience feel when they hear your script?

This is where you should try to write scripts just like you would speak to a friend. Try to get rid of the formality at times without being too crude and use short sentences with action words. The informal tone can help you establish a connection with your audience and making sure that you have their attention.

  • The script must be flawless

It is essential to ensure logical coherence in the different elements of your voiceover script. Your audience is new to the information you are communicating. They don’t know about your brand, your products, or the message you are trying to send out. So, you have to build a voiceover script that has a flawless connection among the pieces of information it covers. Make sure that the transitions between different parts of the voiceover scripts are clear and comprehensible. It is highly crucial for a voiceover scriptwriter to provide a clear direction to the audience.

For example, describe the problems that you want to solve and showcase exactly how you aim to achieve that. In cases where it is necessary, you have to provide details of the other ways in which the audience benefits. Therefore, the key to a successful voiceover script depends not only on how you inform but also on how you guide the audience.

  • Punctuation makes all the difference

Pick up any good script, and you will find out that it features good, if not great, punctuation. Scripts with proper punctuation provide helpful support in ensuring proper flow in the script. One of the most important roles of punctuation in a script refers to the need for a pause in a speech. While you can opt for a comma to indicate a pause in the script, you could also opt for ‘pause.’As a result, the voiceover actor could find out the places where they have to pause for a bit.

Apart from the punctuation in your voiceover script, it is also essential to avoid any acronyms that can disrupt flow. Even if cutting out unnecessary words from a script can be quite an effort-intensive task, you couldn’t compromise on the flow of your script.

Are you ready to write a voiceover script?

It is quite clear that writing a voiceover script is easy when you plan properly and follow recommended best practices. If you are trying to write a voiceover script for the first time, then you need to get expert help.Different types of tips and recommendations on the internet could help you start writing a good voiceover script. However, the assurance of having an expert by your side can work wonders in ensuring that you achieved desired objectives. Explore your options for creating the best voiceover scripts right now!