Help this start-up launch their 100% plant-based disinfectant

A cause for good

As Australia slowly opens up its borders after lockdown and people return to work, now more than ever is a good time to think about how you will keep surfaces clean from viruses and bacteria in the workplace or when travelling. 

Sydney based start-up A Cause for Good is raising funds and awareness in order to launch their 100% plant-based disinfectant, approved by both the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency). The crowdfunding campaign can be found on the GoFundMe platform, and donations over $50 (that are not anonymous) can request a complimentary starter-pack. 

What is it? The disinfectant spray is a plant-based formulation and has an antibacterial log reduction of 6, or 99.9999% bacterial kill rate. This is 1000 times stronger than most disinfectants on the market which have a kill rate of only 99.9%.

The products: The formulation and the aerosol cans are made in Australia, eliminating the need for imports, leading to a reduction in the organisation’s carbon footprint. The aerosol cans are 100% recyclable materials, so they can be thrown straight into the recycle bin.

A Clean Room: This product is an antibacterial fogger used as a lock-down aerosol to disinfect high traffic rooms. This product guarantees a safe working (and playing) indoor environment. Being 100% plant-based, the possibilities of use are endless. This scented fogger covers a room of up to 25 square metres and continues to disinfect the room for up to 24 hours.

A Clean You. This handy sized antibacterial personal spray can be used in any scenario and on all surfaces, including fabrics and sensitive skin. This product was created in response to today’s obsession with personal cleanliness. It’s slim and comes in at 70g, which is perfect, as it meets strict airline aerosol limitations, which means being under 100g, it is allowable on aircraft. This makes A Clean You the perfect travel buddy when flying. 

A clean you
A Clean You will be your best friend when travelling.

A good cause: After A Cause For Good worked with multiple university students, giving them a platform to express themselves and their best work, it was clear graduate opportunities were few and far between. The organisation believes Australia’s youth are the future and that countless ideas that could change the world do not come to life because many university graduates are not given the chance they deserve to innovate.

Statistically, one in three young Australian university graduates do not find work in their chosen field, and one in five give up hope in finding a career they are passionate about. A Cause For Good will commit 10% of product sales to this cause, to create opportunities by giving students a job that will turn into a career where they can change the world for the better. 

To find out more about A Cause For Good and the crowdfunding campaign, head to their GoFundMe page