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Tips to not be a dickhead at the beach

As the sun graces the Australian skyline, our pristine coasts beckon with their shimmering waves and golden sands. However, beneath the allure of our renowned beaches, a pressing concern emerges: the quintessential beach etiquette—or rather, the lack thereof. A groundbreaking survey by Preply has shed light on this issue, providing invaluable insight into the behaviours that are marring the experiences of many a beach-goer and, consequently, how these faux pas can be mitigated.

The results are in, and Australians have spoken: 55% are irked by the presence of pets, 48% frown upon swimming outside designated zones, and 46% would rather not witness public displays of affection at the beach. Unsurprisingly, Bondi Beach garners the notoriety for less-than-commendable conduct, a sentiment echoingly closely followed by beautiful yet bustling beaches in Surfers Paradise and St Kilda.

Yet, how do we navigate these choppy waters of beach manners? It’s simpler than you might think. Preply’s study suggests that ignoring undesirable behaviour is the go-to for 55%, whilst a forthright 24% opt for a polite reminder of the common courtesies. A mere 8% take to social media as their platform of choice for etiquette enforcement.

Our beloved sandy stretches are not just for recreation but are ecosystems demanding respect. Feeding seagulls, littering, failing to adhere to safety norms—such as designated surf and swim zones—are all actions acclaimed for their absence. Cultivating an environment of respect and safety is the collective responsibility of all beach-goers, ensuring every trip to these terrestrial paradises is nothing short of spectacular.

In the campaign for courteous coastlines, clear signage, awareness via social media, and educational initiatives at the very beachfront stand tall as the mighty tools of enlightenment. When each of us, as custodians of our coastal havens, embrace these values, we chart a course towards a more enjoyable and harmonious beach experience for all, weaving the fabric of an inclusive oceanfront culture where the tide of consideration for others rises above all.

So before we set foot on the sands that bind the sea to the land, let’s remember—the beach is a treasure that demands our care. It’s a shared joy where the only footprints we leave should be those washed away by the tides, leaving no trace, save for the memories of a day spent in the sun, sea, and sheer respect for beach etiquette.

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