Play your own game of Traitors – and win


Immerse yourself in The Traitors Card Game, where the line between ally and adversary is as thin as a card’s edge. Inspired by the cunning and suspenseful BBC TV show that has captivated the nation, this game ratchets the tension up a notch, bringing the mind-bending challenge of loyalty and deception right to your living room. It’s a battle of wits, a contest of character; can you outsmart and outmaneuver to secure the gold?

Engage in the ultimate social strategy game where your role as a FAITHFUL or a TRAITOR is a tightrope walk over a pit of uncertainty. The FAITHFUL must weed out the treacherous TRAITORS in their midst to split the prize, while the TRAITORS plot in the shadows, aiming to grab the jackpot undetected. Trust is your currency, and betrayal? Merely a tool.

Equipped with event cards brimming with potential calamities and abrupt turns of fate, no two games are the same. Suspense is your constant companion as you tread carefully, knowing that a single slip could lead to your downfall. Optional digital features amplify the experience, pulling you deeper into the murky world of trust and duplicity—a perfect centrepiece for gatherings of friends and family, young and old.

Sharpen your skills in human psychology and strategy as trust hangs by a thread. With the stakes set high and hearts racing, the question isn’t just whether you can win, but if you can survive the betrayals that await. Be one of the cunning folks who engage with The Traitors Card Game—the gripping Special Edition is available now for £11.99 at Ready to revel in the shadows? Your move.

Feature image: BBC