Kookai’s Autumn-Winter 2016 Collection

Kookai has done it again, succeeding to yet again impress us with their Wutumn-winter 2016 collection presentation in the decadent Royal Exhibition Centre in Melbourne. Sophisticated, clean and chic, the new collection boasted an homage to everything we love about Kookai coupled with a fashion forward twist we were all aching for. Everything from the […]

Kookai’s Melbourne Flagship

  Kookai Australia is the go-to for womenswear and now, thanks to its newly refurbished flagship retail store yet, right in the heart of Melbourne, is more easily accessible than ever. The store was initially built and designed by Kookai Australia‘s director Danielle Vagner and has maintained its original condition up until now. It threw […]

Storm NZ opens on Chapel Street

Just eight years ago, Deborah Caldwell stood in front of the Hallenstein Glasson board with an idea: a fashion brand that bridged the gap between chain store and designer. Today, Deborah’s idea has explored new heights and made its latest addition to Australia’s retail landscape. Storm NZ opened in Auckland in 2006, taking a New […]

Skin, Threads and Sticks

Given we’re well on our way into winter, it’s no surprise the focus on wool, cashmere, merino wool and all that is natural is back in the limelight of fashion fabrication. One such label that puts this on such a pedestal and makes it a focus of its existence is Skin and Threads, a premium Australian […]

Skin and Threads

One of the newest stores to throw open its doors in Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre, Skin and Threads puts quality and fibres atop all else in an effort to reshape the way women think about basic, last forever additions to their wardrobe. Opening in mid-April 2013, the new boutique is an architectural and sensational wonder, with […]

Arthur Galan AG’s 15 year anniversary

A far cry from his early days as a corporate business worker, Australian men’s and womenswear designer Arthur Galan isn’t a shadow of his former self as he spends every day steering the massive ship that has become his own namesake Australian fashion label. Synonymous with stylish men’s and womenswear, suiting and fine shirts, shoes […]

LMFF: Raw By Raw

As part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program, the showcase of design collection Raw By Raw took to the runway set-up in the back room of one of Melbourne’s converted bank-come-restaurant set-ups at The Trust. Presented by FJORDE Magazine, Raw By Raw was said to introduce a premium collection of tailored and layered pieces to effortlessly […]

I like my Jean N Tonik with ice

A focus on introducing colour, opening-up the wardrobes of Melburnian men and introducing a funky range of clothing with a new edge that is slightly different to what typical Melburnians wear, Jean N Tonik is the new thing in mens’ retailing that is making waves online. Founded by Gabriel Hazim in early 2012, the online retailer […]

Mimco’s Social Kaleidoscope

All the colours of the rainbow, more patterns and shapes than Mother Nature can make and all the wonderment of the most basic of technologies; kaleidoscopes were the most fun and imagination-inspiring time wasters our childhood could have possessed. And weren’t they awesome? Now with a designer’s slant, a retail flavour and a purely online […]

It’s all about the bags: Jacki Anderson

Adding exclusivity to beauty, Jacki Anderson works her magic in the craft that has seen her name adorn the shoulders and hands of many a Melburnian woman for practicality and aesthetic stupor. With a unique aesthetic all her own and an arsenal of uniquely textured fabrics and leathers that she employs to add a certain […]

C’mon winter, Chip Chop!

Vikings, ice, longboats, Valhalla. Yes, I speak of Scandinavia. Why? Because with Chip Chop!’s newest Autumn-Winter range this season entitled Nordic But Nice, a cute and very clever play on words, one will feel like you’ve sailed back to the snow and ice of mythical-time Scandinavia. All the good bits – not that there are […]

Mr. Madden burgeons onto the Bourke Street bustle

“Today, fashion is dictated by individual style. To me, the fashion of the future is anything that a young guy or girl feels good wearing as long as it’s put together in the right way.”                                                                                                    – Steve Madden Who doesn’t love music? Alcohol? Shoes?! No one? Thought so. Steve Madden it seems, knows us all […]