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Redfern Surf Club opens and locals are as into it as they are confused

Redfern Surf Club 1

Because Redfern is so known for it’s pristine white sand, crystal blue oceans, exponential horizons and endless supply of beach-goers, it only made sense for the place to open right in the thick of it all, the corner of Henderson and Botany Road. The new Redfern Surf Club is all the bits of Redern you love in one, complete with classic, fun bevvies with free popcorn and an inclusive, unpretentious approach to service. It’s the baby of Yannick Maslard, who used to be the manager of The Cliff Dive and Oxford Art Factory, so it’s got something good going on. Yannick and his pals wanted a place that stayed true to the ‘local’ that everyone has in their own community, right in the heart of the suburb, accessible all the time. That’s the spirit of the surf club. “We built the bar we all wanted to hang out in,” says Maslard, speaking for an extended family of Sydney hospitality regulars and friends who have chipped in to overhaul the sun-drenched, heritage-listed space – once a bank, and most recently a chook shop. Wielding paint brushes and power tools, a team of good mates have donated their time and creativity to help transform the former Grill King site into a lush indoor courtyard with a collection of curiosities and an enviable supply of plants. The walls have photos and paintings combined with surfing paraphernalia and a pool table. It’s about lazy summer holidays down the coast, right in the middle of town. It’s casual, easy and welcoming. They… Read More