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Meet Stake: new, local broker giving you access to Wall Street

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The 21st century is all about challenger fintechs and app-based share trading for everyone. From Australia to the USA and everywhere in-between, investing and day trading are big business for individuals and the companies like Stake that give them unfettered access to investing in Wall Street. It actually even comes from Australia, offering locals the chance to invest with the Wall Street bigwigs from all the way over here. Here are some first time tips! Following examples first forged by the likes of Trading 212 and eToro, Stake’s $0 philosophy offers first time investors and those who’re building a more robust portfolio a more-than-affordable opportunity into the world’s markets. And for those whose cuppa tea isn’t the USA, then never fear; they’re launching into the ASX super soon, too. Stake offers access to ETFs, indices, Silicon Valley, retail and so much more and even filters according to uppers, downers, popular choices and compiles it all into a genuinely cool and very now user interface that you’d seriously have to struggle at life in general to not figure out. Keep watch on THE F for further updates and tips in investing from the pros at Stake. Get the Stake iPhone app here and the Play Store here