Aussie music artist Tom Thum understand the importance of good music tech


Sennheiser has released a new piece of tech, for those of us obsessed with good sound. They’ve called it the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 and have even teamed-up with iconic Australian artists; Dami ImBag Raiders and Tom Thum, to curate a series of playlists that showcase the latest tracks that inspire each.

We spoke to Tom about what’s up with Beat Boxing and how the new Sennheiser tech does his sound a heap of wonder.

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So beatboxing. Why?

It was one of the only instruments I could learn that would keep my hands free enough to be able to fill out applications for real jobs while I was rehearsing. That and I think I am just super hyperactive and really just gravitated to the rehearse anywhere/ anytime nature of it. 

How’d you keep occupied during lockdown? 

I mixed an album that I have been working on with a symphony orchestra, pressed a 7” and a whole bunch of video projects. Also gardening, talking to the birds in my backyard and just doing things around the house. It’s kind of been nice to just accept it and slow down.

As a beatboxer, do you listen to others for inspo, or just do your own thing? 

Mainly just do my own thing. I often find that too much outside influence can colour my sound too much. There will be certain things I hear where I like the ideas and want to try something in a similar vein though. I think it’s important to not be totally closed off. 

Why did you want to partner with Sennheiser? 

I have literally been using Sennheiser gear since I first started. At present my live mic I am using is a Sennheiser (E945) and it’s head and shoulders above everything I have used for the way I am applying it. I have been singing their praises for years so it was nice to make it official for this! 

Compared to other quality tech on personal music listening, how does Sennheiser Tech let what you do really shine?

Well for starters, I spend sometimes up to 12 hrs a day in headphones so comfort and ear fatigue is something I’m super aware of. With the MW2 I hardly notice they are there they are that comfortable (sometimes I sleep with them in.) 

From a sonic perspective they sound great, there is enough clarity to let the music sparkle but not too much harshness that it becomes apparent after a long time. I guess having such high quality drivers in such a small unit literally speaks volumes for it’s high fidelity sound. 

Do you find you have to create sounds for the medium, or its the other way around? 

I have just written a piece on a binaural mic (3d sound) which is intended for listening ONLY on headphones. The MW2 was my road testing pair and I was super happy with the result. I definitely can’t wait to free it out into the world!

For more, head to the Sennheiser site