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Sennheiser Sydney: Sennheiser just opened their first shop in Sydney

Sennheiser Sydney 1

With Christmas but a second away, Sennheiser has done the best thing since Nespresso opened its new boutique on George Street – they’ve opened up a shop.  Right in the heart of Sydney at 5 Martin Place in a building commonly known as the “Money Box”, the shop front will fly the flag high for the renowned Sennheiser brand. This heritage-listed building makes the best dramatic venue for music and sound lovers seeking to immerse themselves in the world of Sennheiser and experience the future of audio. The new flagship store offers a unique experience where you can discover Sennheiser’s audio products,  including the new Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar and the unique Sennheiser HE1. Check it out at the Sennheiser website.