Styled by Stylemology

Remember when ASOS first came to Australia, we were all a bit cautious, all a little bit hesitant and some a little bit ‘wtf’ about what they were selling? New online retailer Stylemology is kind of like that, only they’re homegrown. And I mean that in a good way. They’re something new. They sell what […]

I like my Jean N Tonik with ice

A focus on introducing colour, opening-up the wardrobes of Melburnian men and introducing a funky range of clothing with a new edge that is slightly different to what typical Melburnians wear, Jean N Tonik is the new thing in mens’ retailing that is making waves online. Founded by Gabriel Hazim in early 2012, the online retailer […]

Internet killed the retail store

In a world of ever-advancing computer and internet technology, integrated technological shopping experiences within the offline shopping realm and online shopping itself, the world of retail has changed. Technologically savvy online shoppers are relying on the brands they know and turning to their online outlets as a means of ease of shopping and money and time-saving. […]