Four Somme are reinventing how wine clubs work

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Wine clubs have gotten a stale reputation over the years. The same old bulk delivery from a winery you visited on a romantic weekend away 5 years ago and you can’t quite figure out how to cancel, is long gone thanks to Four Somme. Four Somme are the self professed World’s First Wine Club designed just for Millennials. 

According to a study by Wine Intelligence, millennials were the major driver in wine consumption during the pandemic. What differentiates millennials from the older generations is that they are looking more for variety and experiences and less moved by low prices and familiar brands, meaning that they are a bit more adventurous with what wines they want to try.

Four Somme’s wine club is of course open to every generation, as they deliver the perfect experimental pack to discover new wines that suit the members’ unique preferences.

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The concept is super simple:

  1. Sign up on and you will receive your Preview Pack with 4 x 187ml red or white wines (your choice)
  2. Taste the wines in the Preview Pack with your friends, following along with the online sommelier guide and choose your favourites in the virtual tasting platform. Think cold climate reds from Australia’s best regions, and there’s always a mystery region included to keep even the most avid wine drinkers on their toes.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your favourites (could be all of them!), your customised wine selection of 8 x 750ml bottles will be sent to you for $170 (40% cheaper than cellar door pricing. No delivery fee).

It’s so exciting to see old school concepts get a breath of fresh air. Why not try it for your next date night or spice up your book club?