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Darling Harbour hot spot Planar launches new bar and menu

Planar cocktail

Ask any Sydneysider and they’ll be quick to tell you: there are few things better than a glass of wine and harbour views. Planar Restaurant and Bar offers just that: a stunning view of Darling Harbour and, from today, a brand-spanking new bar and menu. If you’re looking for a spot to indulge in a few after-work bevvies with your mates, Planar is a no-brainer: sink in to a comfy couch by the water, switch on a heater overhead if the weather is still a bit chilly, and order yourself a kingfish salad or some pulled kangaroo – or go for a pizza to share. Check out the new, super-chic bar and try one of the delectable cocktails: the Lychee Rose Mojito if you’re feeling a bit boujee, or the Happy Birthday if you fancy a sweet treat. As for the Smoking Skull’s Head…we’re told you have to see it for yourself to believe it. Of course, if you have a group of friends handy and you’re game for more than just an afternoon sipping and nibbling by the water, book yourself in for an in-house pizza- or cocktail-making class, hosted by Planar’s own mixologist or pizza chef. From making your own dough to learning exactly what goes in to the Lychee Rose Mojito, there’s enough happening at Planar to keep you coming back again and again, even on those overcast days when the harbour view all but disappears.