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Valentine’s Day at NOMAD Sydney and Melbourne

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NOMAD Group, renowned for its culinary excellence, is set to launch its biggest campaign to date, aptly named “Things We Love.” This month-long celebration will serve as a tribute to the exceptional produce and suppliers that NOMAD cherishes. With a focus on simplicity and authenticity, the campaign aims to showcase the true beauty of these beloved ingredients. Executive Chef Jacqui Challinor, the creative force behind NOMAD Group, expresses her passion for food as a love language. She shares, “We’re doing ‘Things We Love’ to celebrate all the beautiful produce and suppliers we cherish. Anchovies, figs, olive oil, ricotta, jamon… it’s a shopping list of all my favorite ingredients.” In line with NOMAD’s style, the team deliberately avoids overcomplicating dishes to allow the natural flavors to shine. This approach highlights the quality and integrity of the ingredients, crafting a dining experience that resonates with both food enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The campaign extends beyond gastronomy to the realm of mixology, with a thoughtfully curated cocktail menu designed to magnify and complement the love-themed atmosphere. Each week, four exclusive beverages will grace the menu, priced at $25. The first week introduces ‘The Don,’ a captivating cocktail featuring Gospel Straight Rye, Mac by Brookies, and Madeira Boal. Week two brings forth the beguiling ‘Rhubarb Bliss,’ artfully blending Rhubi Rhubarb Mistelle, Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, Peychaud Bitters, and Mount Majura Vineyard sparkling wine. Week three showcases the refreshing ‘Window Seat,’ a delightful fusion of Starward Twofold Whiskey, Autonomy Native Amaro, Saint Felix Bitter Citrus aperitivo, and citrus. Finally, the campaign culminates… Read More