MSFW: Neo Dia

I remember a few years ago when Neo Dia was first introduced to Melbourne’s fashion circles. A new baby suckling of a label with its two co-designers with nothing but passion, a vision and determination to take what they knew how to craft to dizzying heights. The ‘dizzying’ elements of the heights they’ve reached might […]

MSFW Tomorrow’s Heroes Show

There are seven designers from Australia that we are to watch over the coming while. Their aesthetics as unique as their name and the people and faces behind them. They presented their collections at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Tomorrow’s Heroes runway in a mildly whelming array of safe colour palettes and hints of print […]

Before Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012

The inaugural Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is set to kick off. Melbourne is so wired and its fashionable icons, media, stylists and photographers are so geared, you can taste the excitement on the breath of every word they speak. Hosted by the City of Melbourne, the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is the third in a […]

Porn for the fashionsexual – part 2

(See ‘part 1’ here.) A whole new mess of porn for the fashionsexual has been pumped out by the Penthouse this 2012, which on Friday (9 March 2012) night, culminated in an explosion of all things independent and fashion in the one hit. A fairly typical Friday night outside the Penthouse was inverted within the […]

Porn for the fashionsexual – part 1

Penthouse Mouse. A name you need to know. They’re one of the country’s leaders in independent up-and-coming fashion design, a voice for the underlings and a pathway to success and amazement for the Australian fashion industry. Penthouse Mouse has been around since 2007 and has since been setting the bar high for independent fashion events. […]