The MYER Autumn Fashion Luncheon

Normally reserved for the racing members and large scale retail and fashion pilgrims, the MYER Fashion Luncheon again took place at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse alongside the support of Emirates, celebrating all that is good in Australian autumnal design. The likes of men’s design wear by Arthur Galan, Dom Bagnato, and M.J. Bale peppered the runway […]

Calvin Klein’s White Label Suiting

Calvin Klein, Inc. announced today that Calvin Klein white label men’s suiting will launch in Australia exclusively at select MYER stores on Saturday, September 27th. Move over, contenders. The Calvin Klein white label suiting line is one of the many international suiting brands that have built themselves up to becoming synonymous with modern yet refined […]

Kevin Murphy directs the Myer SS15 Fashion Parade

By Johnny, Little Joe Woman and L by Lisa Ho, with acclaimed fashion designer, Alex Perry will open Myer’s spring-summer fashion show in Sydney next week at Carriageworks as directed by hair and style master Kevin Murphy. He’s back on our shores for this exclusive Sydneysider event, which will bring model Jennifer Hawkins to the […]

Emporium Melbourne Reimagined

At LAST in what has been speculated and talked about for months-and-months on end in Melbourne’s – and largely, Australia’s – retail and fashion circles, Emporium Melbourne has been successfully reimagined and opened to the public. More or less. Though it seems it’s only around 50% complete – only half of its planned 225 shops are open […]

The Napoleon Perdis Life.Style

Since Myer swallowed his self titled cosmetics company, Napoleon Perdis has moved onto other ventures. By opening a new retail concept named Life.Style, Napoleon hopes to shed some light on the other side of his creatively eponymous self: the cultural and decorative bowerbird. Having long been inspired by travel, architecture, interior design, art, fashion and the […]

Budding designer: The end result

I visited Melbourne Central today and nearly fainted. Not because I’m a waif and by sticking to my new ‘no food’ diet I am significantly weakened, no, I saw that placed strategically with prime position in Melbourne Central’s newest shopping precinct dubbed The Corner stood on a mannequin, my redesigned, customised, Upcycled Elwood Jeans anorak […]

Budding designer: The Elwood Anorak

I love Elwood. I love it because – for those of you who know me and know how much I love this city – it was founded in Melbourne, is run out of Melbourne and has wicked success in Melbourne. The brand also adds another notch on the Australian fashion scene’s belt of urban music […]