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Summer lunches while you can at Johnny’s Green Room

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As summer unfurls its final golden rays, Johnny’s Green Room adds yet another charm to its rooftop allure. Between the breezy hours of 1PM and 3PM on weekdays, this haven offers an enticing invitation to indulge in the quintessentially Italian delight of Pucce. These sumptuous bread pockets, brimming with seasonal freshness, echo the soul of Salento’s street food traditions. Crafted under the visionary guidance of Culinary Director Karen Martini, the menu promises a tantalising trio of variations. Whether it’s the crunch of fried local calamari contrasted with the zest of fresh lemon, the creamy dreaminess of buffalo mozzarella paired with heirloom tomatoes, or the rich tapestry of flavours married in the Mr. Canubi Mortadella option, each Puccia is a carefully curated symphony of taste. Encouraging the spirit of sharing, why not seize this culinary adventure with a colleague? After all, delights doubled are delights doubled.

Johnny’s Green Room for Margarita Day

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Melbourne’s iconic rooftop bar, Johnny’s Green Room, has undergone a stunning transformation, capturing the essence of Tuscan-inspired elegance with a fresh new look. To mark this occasion and celebrate World Margarita Day, they are introducing an exclusive lineup of four exquisite margaritas that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your rooftop experience. Indulge in Margarita Delights From Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th February, Johnny’s Green Room will feature an enticing selection of margaritas, each crafted to perfection to suit various flavor preferences. Whether you crave something zesty, spicy, salty, or refreshingly sweet, there’s a margarita tailored to satisfy every palate. The Margaritas: Unwind with Friends and Flavors In addition to these exclusive margaritas, Johnny’s Green Room will continue to offer its delightful array of food and drinks, ensuring that you can pair your margarita experience with delectable options from their regular menu. Why not gather your friends and make a night of it? Pair your chosen margarita with a Margherita pizza and relish an evening of unparalleled enjoyment amidst Melbourne’s vibrant skyline. If you’re looking for the perfect way to partake in World Margarita Day and elevate your ‘Things To Do’ guides this week, consider featuring Johnny’s Green Room and their limited-time margarita extravaganza. It’s an opportunity to embrace the spirit of celebration and savor the artistry of mixology against the backdrop of Melbourne’s captivating cityscape. For further details or imagery, feel free to reach out. Let’s toast to the world’s beloved beverage and the joy of shared experiences! Note: The mentioned information was… Read More

Johnny’s Green Room rooftop in Melbourne

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Johnny’s Green Room has recently reopened its doors, unveiling a stunning transformation that exudes Tuscan terrace vibes. This beloved rooftop watering hole, located at the corner of Lygon and Faraday Streets, has undergone a complete makeover under the guidance of award-winning designer Dion Hall. With a semi-retractable roof, patrons can now enjoy the captivating atmosphere of Johnny’s Green Room throughout the year. The venue’s new design showcases upgraded bar and kitchen facilities, as well as new bathrooms and furniture. The seating capacity has also been expanded to accommodate up to 260 guests. Drawing inspiration from the warmth and allure of Italian nuances, the venue boasts a palette of warm tones and incorporates materials such as Douglas Fir timber, terracotta tiles, tiled mosaic elements, and milled zinc. The result is a space that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with a vibrant and inviting ambiance. In addition to the physical transformation, Johnny’s Green Room has also undergone a brand refresh, masterfully executed by local branding studio Projects of Imagination. The iconic Johnny’s wolf symbol has been reimagined as a more nostalgic icon, while a secondary logo has been introduced to complement the original. The bar staff will sport custom-designed white waiter jackets, adding a touch of classic Italian style to the venue. When it comes to the culinary offerings, Johnny’s Green Room has enlisted the expertise of renowned chef and author Karen Martini as the Culinary Director. With a focus on pizza and a refreshed take on Mediterranean flavors, the menu features a delightful selection of Italian-style share… Read More