Summer lunches while you can at Johnny’s Green Room

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As summer unfurls its final golden rays, Johnny’s Green Room adds yet another charm to its rooftop allure. Between the breezy hours of 1PM and 3PM on weekdays, this haven offers an enticing invitation to indulge in the quintessentially Italian delight of Pucce.

These sumptuous bread pockets, brimming with seasonal freshness, echo the soul of Salento’s street food traditions. Crafted under the visionary guidance of Culinary Director Karen Martini, the menu promises a tantalising trio of variations.

Whether it’s the crunch of fried local calamari contrasted with the zest of fresh lemon, the creamy dreaminess of buffalo mozzarella paired with heirloom tomatoes, or the rich tapestry of flavours married in the Mr. Canubi Mortadella option, each Puccia is a carefully curated symphony of taste. Encouraging the spirit of sharing, why not seize this culinary adventure with a colleague? After all, delights doubled are delights doubled.