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Why you need to drink Wild Turkey at new Sydney rooftop bar Old Mate’s Place

Wild Turkey food

The back story of Wild Turkey goes something like this: mates had drinks, went out, hunted turkeys, branded their bourbon after it and went global. But it’s the art of mateship that gave birth to one of – clearly – the most delicious bourbons in the world that the folks at Wild Turkey are worried we’re losing touch with. If you look back at olde Van Dieman’s Land, real moments in the great outdoors with mates has traditionally been how Aussie blokes unwind, but ‘mateship’ is on the decline as new research reveals half of Aussie men (48%) have lost touch with their mates. Because dudes are busier than ever before, they’re forgoing mateship as a result – 40% are too time-poor to see their mates, while a further 42% blame increased workloads, which is why a drink themed Into The Wild at brand-spanking-new rooftop bar in Sydney, Old Mate’s Place, is so what the proverbial doctor ordered. To help this dire, dire situation of shit friendliness, Wild Turkey is bringing together the spirit of mateship, with a touch of the wild, in a bespoke watering hole – the Spirit of the Wild. Inspired by the Australian wilderness, Spirit of the Wild is a hidden oasis where people can escape the distractions of everyday life and experience the real outdoors with mates, without leaving the CBD. The pet project of Gabrielle and Andres Walters and Daniel Noble, they bring their collectively pretty varied list of experiences around the Sydney hospitality scene to make a bar that is… Read More