Have a wild Christmas and win some Wild Turkey

This Christmas, Matthew McConaughey is your best friend. He’s the face of Hollywood greats and the face of Wild Turkey bourbon; the drink of the season when you’re in need of refreshing cocktails of wooded, bourbon-ish delight. And lately, he’s written a memoir called Greenlights that explores his fifty years on Earth, most of which […]

Why you need to drink Wild Turkey at new Sydney rooftop bar Old Mate’s Place

Wild Turkey food

The back story of Wild Turkey goes something like this: mates had drinks, went out, hunted turkeys, branded their bourbon after it and went global. But it’s the art of mateship that gave birth to one of – clearly – the most delicious bourbons in the world that the folks at Wild Turkey are worried […]

Wild Turkey Bourbon rings in Thanksgiving at The Horse Sydney

Campari Wild Turkey Bourbon Masterclass drink alcohol barrel

Bourbon can be an intimidating drink: for many of us, we imagine it to be the drink of granddads and uncles, patrons of a Wild West-style saloon, or Bojack Horseman. Common belief would hold that we practically need a degree in chemistry and a spare ten thousand dollars to even afford, let alone appreciate, a […]