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Infinite Cycle is the spin class studio you’ve been screaming for in Sydney

Infinite Cycle spin Anna Heinrich

Everyone knows Soul Cycle, right? Let’s just put that out there. But, what you mightn’t know about in the world of spin and definitely need to, is its Australian competition that offers something a little more unique: Infinite Cycle. HQ’d in Waterloo, NSW and branching out all over the place at a rapid pace, Infinite Cycle is the wholly Australian and completely different offering to spin addicts with the same cult vibe we all know and love. For the die-hard, it has what you need; for the adventurous it has what you crave and for the new; well, it’s one helluva challenge lined-up ahead of you. Infinite Cycle takes the concepts that run throughout all spin operations around Sydney and Australia at the likes of Virgin Active Health Clubs and Cycology, and adds something new in the form of completely unstable, core-engaging, Real Ryder bikes that completely offset the centre of gravity and are sure to have you doing Ariana Grande proud with your own physical embodiment of ‘side-to-side’. It’s an insane workout that does the quads, hamstrings, obliques, lats and most of all – and most likely the reason you’re so into it – the glutes (your bum!). Founded by Alan Sacharowitz and Dani Carr, Infinite Cycle brings a healthy dose of innovation to the cardio exercise space. The bikes are exclusive in Australia to Infinite Cycle and offer riders the chance to learn to turn, tilt and lean as they ride as they sync-up with the large scenic screens ahead of them and the pumping tunes around… Read More