COMPETITION (closed): win a $500 voucher!

You’d remember that recently, I won a competition that saw my redesigning and customising of an anorak jacket that was given to me by Elwood Jeans to celebrate the opening of Elwood offerings in Myer stores around the country. If not, then get with it people and catch-up here, here and here! Now, because you were […]

Budding designer: The end result

I visited Melbourne Central today and nearly fainted. Not because I’m a waif and by sticking to my new ‘no food’ diet I am significantly weakened, no, I saw that placed strategically with prime position in Melbourne Central’s newest shopping precinct dubbed The Corner stood on a mannequin, my redesigned, customised, Upcycled Elwood Jeans anorak […]

Budding designer: The Elwood Anorak

I love Elwood. I love it because – for those of you who know me and know how much I love this city – it was founded in Melbourne, is run out of Melbourne and has wicked success in Melbourne. The brand also adds another notch on the Australian fashion scene’s belt of urban music […]