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Sadler’s Wells new national youth initiative


It’s time to celebrate the extraordinary talent of young dancers across England as Sadler’s Wells unveils the next cohort of the National Youth Dance Company (NYDC). With 32 dancers aged between 16 and 24, hailing from 21 different towns, cities, and villages, this truly nationwide company is set to take the dance world by storm. Led by Guest Artistic Director Oona Doherty, they will be working on an exciting new piece called Wall, which is set to premiere at Leeds Playhouse on Saturday, April 13th, before embarking on a national tour. Wall is an exploration of Britain through the eyes and voices of young people from around the country. It delves into their thoughts, highlighting both the good and the bad, the old and the new. Through repetitive movements of resistance, stamina, and will, the dancers showcase their strength and beauty, embodying the greatness of Britain. The production promises to be a visual and auditory feast, with music by Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey, lighting design by John Gunning of Malaprop Theatre, and costume design by Ryan Dawson Laight, who has an extensive background in theater and dance. Award-winning photographer and video maker Luca Truffarelli adds his talents as the audio, photo, and video collaborator, while NYDC alumna Nya Bardouille serves as Assistant to the choreographer. After its premiere at Leeds Playhouse, Wall will embark on a captivating journey to Wakefield, Falmouth, Ipswich, Latitude Festival, Leicester, and London, with a highly anticipated performance at Sadler’s Wells Theatre on Saturday, July 13th. This is an unmissable… Read More

Forever & Ever by Sydney Dance Company is the latest production you need to see

Sydney Dance Forever Ever 1

Sydney Dance Company is renowned for their production skills and this year’s production by Antony Hamilton is a testament to just that. Forever & Ever by the dance company is part Berhain in Berlin, part contemporary manifestation of the creative flair that is Hamilton’s mind; but regardless of how you skin it; it’s good. With pulsating strobe lights in myriad colours, outfit changes, seamless nightclub-cum-contemporary physical embodiment of the euphoria you feel when stripping away the weight of the realities of life; the production is a transcendental piece that is as much a trans-national journey as it is an ecstatic journey inward. The Presets’ Julian Hamilton is the guy behind the soundtrack, which combined with the lighting effects of Benjamin Cisterne, combine to make a truly moving fusion of a killer mix of dance, techno, high fashion and vivid lighting to hypnotic effect. It explores ideas of order, chaos, popular culture and human behaviour, this boundary-pushing work is a bold and thrilling theatrical experience that is not to be missed. See more about Forever & Ever at the Sydney Dance Company’s website.

[ab]intra by Sydney Dance Company has made its world premiere

ab intra Sydney Dance Company 5

For those in the know when it comes to dance, the Sydney Dance Company and its choreographer, Rafael Bonachela are two names to know. The latest production, [ab]intra, is Bonachela’s first full-length work in six years and is a dazzling return to the limelight as the production held its world premiere in Sydney recently. SEE ALSO: Why 2018 is a good year for the Sydney Dance Company From the Latin meaning ‘from within’, [ab]intra explores the concept of the shared instincts as humans that drive us apart and bring us back together. A writhing, dramatically lit and scarcely propped dancing spectacular, [ab]intra is an absorbing journey through human nature. Set in a dramatically stark space of nothingness whereby the emptiness becomes a part of the production itself, complete with strong light work that accentuates moments in time and hints of colour to indicate the human condition, the production is nothing short of engrossing. Given we know we all – relatively speaking – inherently feel, think, hurt, move and exist in the same way – emotions and socio-political views aside – but seeing what drives our relationships and ignites our ambitions and desires is quite the encapsulating rollercoaster. As Bonachela says, they had been talking about and thinking about [ab]intra for a long time and being able to finally share the project with the world is a terribly exciting time. MORE: See more about the Sydney Dance Company’s production, Frame of Mind, here Crafted at first with nothing but an idea and a request for the… Read More