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No, organic wine doesn’t give you fewer hangovers

Organic wine

Drinking green when it comes to red, white and rosé wine has never been so popular. Sales of organic wines are booming, and wine retailer Cellarmasters has quadrupled its organic wine range in the last 12 months alone. “A couple of years ago we would only have a handful of wines from organic producers, but they weren’t marketed as being ‘organic’ as there was very little interest at the time,” explained Christine Ricketts, Cellar Director for wine retailer Cellarmasters. “However, in the last 12 months we’ve seen a huge surge in demand and supply of organic wines. Organic wines are free from chemical pesticides, and organic farming practices treat the environment more fairly.” “Many experts also believe organic wine tastes more vibrant than conventional wine, so there are many reasons to try organic wine if you haven’t already,” she added. But no, organic wine does not give you fewer hangovers; here, Christine debunks the most common myths about organic wine. Myth: Organic wine doesn’t give you hangovers Although organic wine tends to have less sulphites than conventional wine, it can still give you a hangover. Hangovers are caused by the alcohol content, although histamines and tannins in wine can contribute to a sore head the next day. If you want to avoid hangovers all together, moderation is key no matter what wine you’re drinking. Myth: Organic wine doesn’t taste as good as normal wine Organic wine hasn’t always had a great reputation when it comes to taste. However, these days most green wines tend to… Read More

Impress your friends with these perfect Italian food and wine pairings

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Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine and home to (arguably) some of the best grapes in the world. So, it makes sense then, that former Penfolds winemaker, Mike Farmilio’s new range, Altero, is made up of Italian and Spanish styles grown and made in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. According to Mike, it’s the ideal climate for the grapes as it has the “closest climate to the Mediterranean”. Altero brought us a night of delicious food and wines at Pasta Emilia in Surry Hills. These reds are meant to be enjoyed fresh, with food and we’ve got the perfect wine and food pairings for you, straight from the horse’s mouth. Mike Farmilio’s ultimate food and wine pairings are: Sangiovese & Pizza Sangiovese is the perfect accompaniment to pizza. Italy’s most popular wine, the fruity flavours of plum, cherry and sour cherry delightfully balances the savoury flavours of the pizza toppings and the high acidity of the wine blends well with the tomato. This means that this wine will go well with any tomato-based dish. Nero d’Avola & Pasta The name refers to the colour of the grapes and the town of Avola in Sicily where this grape originates. Nero d’Avola is a medium bodied red, full of ripe, earthy flavour, just like a Pinot Noir. It pairs well with most pasta dishes. Tempranillo & Roasted Lamb Tempranillo is a Spanish black grape with subtle notes of plum and cherry. This wine is highly versatile and pairs well with slightly heavier dishes like lasagne, roast lamb, or… Read More

Cellarmasters brings all the flavour with their new organic wine reservation

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These winter nights might seem to be getting longer and colder but have no fear, with Cellarmasters‘ new organic wine bundle, you’ll be feeling more toasty than Gollum, the ring and the fires of mount doom. Between the fact that these wines don’t have any nasty business going on, i.e. chemicals that are gross, the taste is delicious sprinkled with a pinch of ‘I can actually see the vineyards in my minds eye’ kinda vibe. Cellarmasters has long been known for their fabulous choice of wine bundles but also their stellar customer service policy. If you don’t like a wine, you can send it back. ‘Say what!?’ We all cry to each other, you mean we can subscribe to an excellent variety of wines without any added pressure to like them all. But really, there’s usually no reason to ever send anything back, the wines are that good. Talking about good, what an excellent segway into the simply gorgeous new offering from Cellarmasters. What’s the go? Well, they have just launched their organic wine reservations package which comes with 6 bottles of totally organic wine, picked by experts who know their shizz. The subscription is quarterly so every three months you’ll get delivered, straight to your door we might add, a variety of 6 bottles of delicious organic wine. Rose, white, red and everything in between, no form will be left to the imagination. With more and more Australians choosing to go green in aspects of their lives, Cellarmasters wanted to provide an option to… Read More