Impress your friends with these perfect Italian food and wine pairings

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Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine and home to (arguably) some of the best grapes in the world.

So, it makes sense then, that former Penfolds winemaker, Mike Farmilio’s new range, Altero, is made up of Italian and Spanish styles grown and made in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. According to Mike, it’s the ideal climate for the grapes as it has the “closest climate to the Mediterranean”.

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Altero brought us a night of delicious food and wines at Pasta Emilia in Surry Hills. These reds are meant to be enjoyed fresh, with food and we’ve got the perfect wine and food pairings for you, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Mike Farmilio’s ultimate food and wine pairings are:

Sangiovese & Pizza

Sangiovese is the perfect accompaniment to pizza. Italy’s most popular wine, the fruity flavours of plum, cherry and sour cherry delightfully balances the savoury flavours of the pizza toppings and the high acidity of the wine blends well with the tomato. This means that this wine will go well with any tomato-based dish.

Nero d’Avola & Pasta

The name refers to the colour of the grapes and the town of Avola in Sicily where this grape originates. Nero d’Avola is a medium bodied red, full of ripe, earthy flavour, just like a Pinot Noir. It pairs well with most pasta dishes.

Tempranillo & Roasted Lamb

Tempranillo is a Spanish black grape with subtle notes of plum and cherry. This wine is highly versatile and pairs well with slightly heavier dishes like lasagne, roast lamb, or charred meats off the barbecue.

Montepulciano & Beef Ragu

If you love Shriaz, you’ll love Montepulciano, a fuller-bodied wine named for the region in which it originated. The richness of the grape makes it the perfect pairing for intense food flavours such as a classic beef ragu.

These Italian wines are perfect for your next delicious Italian meal.  Check them out here.

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