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Bhoomi is the new exotic Indian restaurant in Glebe that’ll have you hooked

Bhoomi 1

Bhoomi is the step-up for Indian restaurants the cuisine needed. And once you’ve tried it, you’ll know why. Bhoomi has so many elements that all harmoniously come together in the semi-recessed bunker restaurant on Glebe Point Road in Glebe, it’s no wonder it gets as busy as it does. They’re playing along with the whole Indian colonial-era war bunker theme in terms of the restaurant’s situation, which surprisingly, wasn’t purpose-built and already existed in the space. Exposed brickwork makes the bulk of the aesthetic of the restaurant, split into a little bit of a maze of two large dining rooms, punctuated with looming columns, partition walls, purple fluorescent lighting and a divine concave ceiling that really give you the sense of being hidden away. Bhoomi means ‘earth’ in Hindi, so a lot of elements of the natural world come into play, too. Looking around the restaurant can easily eat-up a quick 20-minutes from when you first sit down. The menu is a continuation of the dream, too, which does Indian food, but not like you know it. Created by Head Chef Chanaka Nalin Gunasekarage, they have the curries, they have the papdums, they have the jalebis, but it’s how it’s done that makes the difference, not what it is. The menu at Bhoomi covers the whole Indian subcontinent, from the north in Nepal – they have the country’s famed momos on the menu – to the middle, working with dishes hailing from Hyderabad like biryani, to the south, offering goat curries and coconut rich vegetable kormas…. Read More