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Australia’s got a new gin – Grown Gin

Grown gin

Grown Spirits, a boutique gin brand known for its love of gardens and commitment to sustainability, has revealed its newest offering, Ocean Grown Gin. This unique creation is a result of a pioneering partnership with the Reef Restoration Foundation. With a vision to capture the essence of the ocean in a bottle, Grown Spirits also aims to contribute to the environment, pledging a portion of the profits from each bottle sold towards the restoration and rejuvenation of coral reefs along Australia’s stunning North Queensland coastline. Will Miles, Co-Founder of Grown Spirits, encapsulates their sustainability ethos, stating, “When we started Grown Spirits nearly a decade ago, we were very conscious of unnecessary waste and designed the bottle to have a life beyond just single use – our wider than usual neck is an encouragement to repurpose the bottle as a vase. In 2021, we took a step further by creating Sydney’s first Gin Refill Station as a way to help with bottle waste, and now this latest release attempts to be even more active in combating our ever-changing environment.” This Ocean-inspired gin intends to encapsulate the refreshing sensation after a dip in the sea, the lingering taste of salt on your lips, and the pleasure of a punchy beachside cocktail. On the nose, it exhibits a gentle saline character, reminiscent of a Mediterranean sea breeze, and unveils notes of olive and savoury herbs. The palate unravels a bright and refreshing flavour profile with dry citrus tones and a warm hint of spice. Ryan Donnelly, CEO of… Read More

Conservation meets craftsmanship: Rhino Orphanage co-founder acquires the White Rhino Gin Company

White Rhino gin

In a remarkable union of conservation and craftsmanship, Pete Richardson, co-founder of the world’s first baby rhino orphanage, has made an exciting acquisition. Pete has acquired The White Rhino Gin Company Ltd and the Urban Rhino gin brand, marking a significant milestone in his journey while introducing a limited-edition legacy batch that is set to captivate gin enthusiasts worldwide. Pete Richardson, a dedicated conservationist, was working in The Waterberg area of Limpopo in South Africa when the devastating rhino poaching crisis hit the headlines back in 2012. Alongside fellow conservationist Arrie van Deventer, Pete took action to save the orphaned babies and together, they established the world’s first purpose-built facility – The Rhino Orphanage. Despite now residing in the UK, Pete remains an active director of the orphanage, tirelessly working towards protecting and rehabilitating these magnificent creatures. Through his connection with the orphanage, Pete crossed paths with Belinda Chaffer, the driving force behind Waterberg Rhino UK, who introduced him to the owners of The White Rhino Gin Company. Enthralled by the shared vision, Pete expressed his excitement about this unique opportunity, stating, “When I met Belinda and the owners of the company, it felt like destiny. We quickly realized the incredible potential to build a global brand with Urban Rhino gin while supporting the remarkable conservation efforts of both Waterberg Rhino UK and The Rhino Orphanage. I’m thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead.” Crafted with meticulous care, Urban Rhino is an exceptional London dry gin that has garnered high praise from customers and businesses… Read More

Top 7 gins to celebrate World Gin Day with

Gin cocktail drink

If there’s anything that’s taken a massive jump back into vogue over the past 5+ years, it’s gin. With people making it in their bath tubs, to huge multinationals pumping out varietals by the dozen, there’s no denying that these days, it’s all about the artisan batches with a dashing story to-boot. So without further ado and to help you celebrate World Gin Day on 11 June, we’ve rounded up our favourite gins of the new and old that you need a bottle of to drink either with or without friends this World Gin Day – or month? Jardin d’été Lovingly inspired by French florals, more specifically a garden cultivated by Debbie Gabriel, wife of Citadelle Founder Alexandre Gabriel, Jardin d’été is made with the addition of melon flesh, whole lemon, yuzu zest and orange peel, atop the unique 19 botanical combination used to make Citadelle Original. Gin and tonic A La Francaise recipe 1 part Citadelle Jardin d’été 3 parts tonic Peel of an organic lemon In a large wine glass filled with ice cubes, pour 1 part of Citadelle Jardin d’été. Top it off with 3 parts tonic. Make a nice twist of lemon peel; express it above the glass and place it delicately in the glass. Hendricks Neptunia This unconventional, intriguing ode to the sea emanates from the curious mind of Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie and uses a mysterious blend of refreshing Scottish coastal botanicals to express the magic of the sea in liquid form, creating a rich, evocative sensorial story…. Read More

Garden Grown Gin teams up with the Australian Botanic Garden to distil the most Australian gin

Grown gin 1

Garden Grown Gin – formerly Distillery Botanica – has partnered with the Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan to develop a limited-edition ‘Botanic Garden Grown Gin’. Working alongside long-term collaborator and master distiller Peter Moore as well as the Garden’s curator manager John Siemon, Garden Grown Gin allows you to experience a new facet of the Garden; taste. The team selected native botanicals from the Australian Botanic Garden, including Ginger Rhizome, Mount White Lime, Orange Berry, Wombat Berry, Macadamia, and Bunya Nut Pine, to compose a rare spirit which captures the essence of Australian biodiversity. Botanic Garden Grown Gin is packaged in the iconic minimalistic bottle characteristic of Garden Grown Gin (and Distillery Botanica), for a limited release of 1000 bottles. Working to promote and support conservation efforts at the Garden, the proceeds from sales of the limited-edition gin will be put towards the Australian Botanic Garden’s conservation initiatives which preserve Australia’s biodiversity through seed collection, seed banking, and conservation research and training. The collaboration coincides with the Garden’s 30th birthday. The Botanic Garden Grown Gin has strong notes of orange and lime, with the botanicals providing an added depth of flavour, including the ginger which lends a tingling feeling to the tongue. “No plants, no future. Which also means no gin,” Garden Grown’s Will Miles said of the Australian Botanic Garden’s mantra, going on to state that “since profits from each bottle purchased go directly back to the Garden’s vital initiatives, we’re honoured to collaborate for the second year and support a project with… Read More

50 Sips of Pink: Beefeater Gin is London’s millennial iteration of a classic spirit

Beefeater pink gin

Beefeater London unveils a tantalisingly fruity gin in a millennial-friendly shade. Following a successful launch in the UK, Beefeater Pink is coming to Australia this month, ready to be incorporated into your summer G&Ts. Urging customers to ‘Pink your Gin’, the newest addition to the Beefeater London family is a fresh, vibrant take on the much loved Beefeater London Dry Gin. Beefeater Pink’s oh-so-aesthetic rose hue is attained through the addition of strawberries after the distillation process, seamlessly mingling with the citrus and juniper notes to create a delicate and refreshing gin. Pink is a sensory experience, with the strawberry infusion lending the gin a sweet fragrance sure to delight Beefeater London’s younger audience. The newest addition to the Beefeater London repertoire, Pink follows the success of its acclaimed predecessor, Beefeater 24. Though it differs from the classic Beefeater London Dry recipe, Pink retains elements of traditional gin-making, with Master Distiller Desmond Payne drawing inspiration from Beefeater’s founder, James Borrough. A pharmacist by trade, Borrough’s creative curiosity was exemplified by his innovative concoctions, including raspberry gin, cherry brandy, British Brandy, bitters, and mint. Payne channels his spirit through constant experimentation, resulting in the creation of the strawberry infused spirit. The contemporary London inspiration behind Beefeater Pink was epitomised by the launch at Catalina Restaurant in Rose Bay. Guests were treated to a modern high tea; in lieu of cucumber finger sandwiches and deviled eggs were pork belly skewers and Welsh rabbit on sourdough toast, though the classic scones and jam provided the perfect gastronomical end… Read More