50 Sips of Pink: Beefeater Gin is London’s millennial iteration of a classic spirit

Beefeater pink gin

Beefeater London unveils a tantalisingly fruity gin in a millennial-friendly shade. Following a successful launch in the UK, Beefeater Pink is coming to Australia this month, ready to be incorporated into your summer G&Ts.

Urging customers to ‘Pink your Gin’, the newest addition to the Beefeater London family is a fresh, vibrant take on the much loved Beefeater London Dry Gin. Beefeater Pink’s oh-so-aesthetic rose hue is attained through the addition of strawberries after the distillation process, seamlessly mingling with the citrus and juniper notes to create a delicate and refreshing gin. Pink is a sensory experience, with the strawberry infusion lending the gin a sweet fragrance sure to delight Beefeater London’s younger audience.

The newest addition to the Beefeater London repertoire, Pink follows the success of its acclaimed predecessor, Beefeater 24. Though it differs from the classic Beefeater London Dry recipe, Pink retains elements of traditional gin-making, with Master Distiller Desmond Payne drawing inspiration from Beefeater’s founder, James Borrough. A pharmacist by trade, Borrough’s creative curiosity was exemplified by his innovative concoctions, including raspberry gin, cherry brandy, British Brandy, bitters, and mint. Payne channels his spirit through constant experimentation, resulting in the creation of the strawberry infused spirit.

The contemporary London inspiration behind Beefeater Pink was epitomised by the launch at Catalina Restaurant in Rose Bay. Guests were treated to a modern high tea; in lieu of cucumber finger sandwiches and deviled eggs were pork belly skewers and Welsh rabbit on sourdough toast, though the classic scones and jam provided the perfect gastronomical end to the otherwise unconventional high tea.

However, the food was only supplemental to the main event; the cocktails. Attendees began the afternoon with a refreshing G&T composed of Beefeater Pink, tonic water, and fresh strawberries, followed by a sweet Pink daiquiri, and then an innovative cotton candy berry sour – a drink with a childlike imagination, with artisan fairy floss garnishing a lemony pink concoction reminiscent of the pink lemonade enjoyed by the Baroness in The Sound of Music. The denouement was the Pink Float, an almost dessert-like cocktail of lemon sorbet, grapefruit juice, and naturally; Beefeater Pink.

Check out Beefeater’s twist on a London classic here.

Beefeater pink gin bottle