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Embrace authentic fusion of tradition and innovation at Australian Gin Week

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In the heart of Australia, a unique partnership is set to celebrate the richness and diversity of the nation’s gin industry. For Australian Gin Week, Seven Seasons, an iconic gin brand known for its remarkable interpretations of indigenous Australian flavours, has partnered with the award-winning Rekodo Restaurant & Vinyl Bar at Barangaroo House. Together, they are unveiling the Green Ant Gin Martini, a bold new creation that captures the vibrant flavours of Australian flora. From the 15th of November to the 14th of December, patrons of Rekodo will be able to indulge in a special Green Ant Gin Martini and snack menu. This collaboration not only puts the spotlight on Seven Season Spirits’ acclaimed Green Ant Gin, but also entwines the rich history and flavours of Australian flora in an exciting culinary experience. Award-winning bartender, Jai Lyons, will be the mastermind behind the Green Ant Martini, while head chef Michael Dabbs has crafted a bespoke menu that perfectly complements the unique notes of the cocktail. Among the standout offerings is the Steak tartare temaki with koji, finger lime dressing, and a green ant garnish priced at $14. In addition, the Green Ant Gin Martini will feature at 50 of Australia’s top venues, including Margaret & West Hotels in New South Wales, Vue de Monde & Sunda in Victoria, Sasso Italiano & Rosellas Bar in Queensland, and Sofitel & Fleet Street Social in South Australia. Each venue will add their unique twist to the cocktail, further elevating the martini experience. Seven Seasons, founded by former AFL… Read More

Australia’s got a new gin – Grown Gin

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Grown Spirits, a boutique gin brand known for its love of gardens and commitment to sustainability, has revealed its newest offering, Ocean Grown Gin. This unique creation is a result of a pioneering partnership with the Reef Restoration Foundation. With a vision to capture the essence of the ocean in a bottle, Grown Spirits also aims to contribute to the environment, pledging a portion of the profits from each bottle sold towards the restoration and rejuvenation of coral reefs along Australia’s stunning North Queensland coastline. Will Miles, Co-Founder of Grown Spirits, encapsulates their sustainability ethos, stating, “When we started Grown Spirits nearly a decade ago, we were very conscious of unnecessary waste and designed the bottle to have a life beyond just single use – our wider than usual neck is an encouragement to repurpose the bottle as a vase. In 2021, we took a step further by creating Sydney’s first Gin Refill Station as a way to help with bottle waste, and now this latest release attempts to be even more active in combating our ever-changing environment.” This Ocean-inspired gin intends to encapsulate the refreshing sensation after a dip in the sea, the lingering taste of salt on your lips, and the pleasure of a punchy beachside cocktail. On the nose, it exhibits a gentle saline character, reminiscent of a Mediterranean sea breeze, and unveils notes of olive and savoury herbs. The palate unravels a bright and refreshing flavour profile with dry citrus tones and a warm hint of spice. Ryan Donnelly, CEO of… Read More

Tread Softly: The eco-conscious gin and vodka brand that’s winning awards

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Fourth Wave Wine’s eco-conscious brand, Tread Softly, has been making waves in the spirits industry with its award-winning gin and vodka. Tread Softly recently received recognition at the London Spirits Competition 2023, International Wine and Spirits Challenge 2023 (IWSC), and Dan Murphy’s Decoded Spirit Awards 2023. The brand’s Tread Softly Dry Gin and Tread Softly Pink Gin were both awarded gold medals at the London Spirits Competition, with scores of 92 and 90 points, respectively. Tread Softly Native Botanical Vodka and Tread Softly Native Botanical Pink Vodka received silver medals at the same event. Furthermore, Tread Softly Native Botanical Pink Vodka was awarded a silver medal at the IWSC, with an impressive score of 94 points. At the Dan Murphy’s Decoded Spirit Awards 2023, Tread Softly Dry Gin won the Best Value Pick Award in the Gin – Australian category among 450 entries. The award-winning Dry Gin features native citrus and floral jasmine notes, creating a bold flavor profile that has captivated gin enthusiasts. Nicholas Crampton, Director of Fourth Wave Wine, expressed his delight at Tread Softly’s recent awards, stating that they reflect the company’s commitment to crafting high-quality spirits and providing unparalleled quality to customers. Tread Softly is also known for its eco-friendliness, planting an Australian native tree for every six bottles sold. In 2021, the brand received its dedicated planting site, the Tread Softly Forest, in the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor. To date, it has planted over one million native trees and is still growing. Tread Softly Botanical Pink Vodka, Dry Gin, Pink… Read More

Brogan’s Way in Melbourne is doing gin right

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Attention Melburnians! The end of the working week just got even more exciting with the launch of Brogan’s Way’s new Gin O’Clock specials. Starting from 5pm every Friday (beginning from April 14th), Brogan’s Way’s Distillery and Bar on North Street, Richmond is set to offer some irresistible gin and tonic deals that will help you forget the rising cost of living! For gin lovers, the specials start from as low as $5.50, which goes up by $1 every hour until closing time at 11pm*. So, starting from 5pm, you can grab an Everyday Salvation Gin & Tonic, Navy Strength Royal Blood Gin & Tonic, or a Strawberries & Cream Gin & Tonic, among many others. What’s more, if you’re feeling peckish while enjoying some of Brogan’s Way’s famous Gin and Tonic pairings, choose from their delicious food menu which includes small plates like Baked Chorizo, Flammekueche (available in Traditional, Vegetarian, and Garlic & Herb), Bandrillos, and tasty Bread & Dip. So, head over to Brogan’s Way, and indulge in a refreshing start to your weekend with their Gin O’Clock offer. This special is perfect for those looking to grab an after-work drink or catch up with friends over some of the finest gin in town. Larger groups are welcome, and bookings can be made via Brogan’s Way website Don’t miss out on the best gin and tonic specials every Friday from 5pm onwards, with Brogan’s Way’s Gin O’Clock. Visit the Brogan’s Way events website for more information

Tread softly gin: Tread Softly has launched two delicious gins featuring delicate botanicals

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Progressively eco-conscious brand Tread Softy has launched two new gins – Tread Softy Dry Gin and Tread Softly Pink Gin. Lighter in alcohol (37%) compared to most contemporary gin, this botanical range is loaded with juniper and finger limes, pink peppercorn, hibiscus, cinnamon, lemon myrtle and nutmeg.  Tread Softly Dry Gin: A traditional style of gin, infused with juniper, jasmine and native citrus characters, the palate is imbued with notes of angelica, pink rose and chamomile as well as hints of eucalypt and nutmeg.  Tread Softly Pink Gin: Featuring a delicate blush colour, Tread Softly Pink Gin is lusciously distilled with juniper and finger limes. Evocative, and aromatically charged on the nose, secondary notes provide a profusion of pink peppercorn and hibiscus, complemented by cinnamon, lemon myrtle and nutmeg.  The brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by planting an Australian native tree for every 6 bottles sold. Since 2019, they have planted over 500,00 trees in conjunction with Carbon Neutral.  “We recently achieved a celebratory milestones of planting 500,000 trees for Carbon Neutral. Now Tread Softly fans and gin lovers can help make a positive contribution to the environment by helping us work towards our goal of planting 1 million trees,” said Ross Marshall, general manager at Fourth Wave Wine.  Tread Softy Gin is available from liquor retailers nationally at RRP $59.99 each. 

Garden Grown Gin teams up with the Australian Botanic Garden to distil the most Australian gin

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Garden Grown Gin – formerly Distillery Botanica – has partnered with the Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan to develop a limited-edition ‘Botanic Garden Grown Gin’. Working alongside long-term collaborator and master distiller Peter Moore as well as the Garden’s curator manager John Siemon, Garden Grown Gin allows you to experience a new facet of the Garden; taste. The team selected native botanicals from the Australian Botanic Garden, including Ginger Rhizome, Mount White Lime, Orange Berry, Wombat Berry, Macadamia, and Bunya Nut Pine, to compose a rare spirit which captures the essence of Australian biodiversity. Botanic Garden Grown Gin is packaged in the iconic minimalistic bottle characteristic of Garden Grown Gin (and Distillery Botanica), for a limited release of 1000 bottles. Working to promote and support conservation efforts at the Garden, the proceeds from sales of the limited-edition gin will be put towards the Australian Botanic Garden’s conservation initiatives which preserve Australia’s biodiversity through seed collection, seed banking, and conservation research and training. The collaboration coincides with the Garden’s 30th birthday. The Botanic Garden Grown Gin has strong notes of orange and lime, with the botanicals providing an added depth of flavour, including the ginger which lends a tingling feeling to the tongue. “No plants, no future. Which also means no gin,” Garden Grown’s Will Miles said of the Australian Botanic Garden’s mantra, going on to state that “since profits from each bottle purchased go directly back to the Garden’s vital initiatives, we’re honoured to collaborate for the second year and support a project with… Read More