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Reuben Kaye for one night only at Sydney Opera House

Prepare yourselves for an evening of uproarious laughter and spectacular vocals as the dazzling Reuben Kaye graces the Joan Sutherland Theatre once more with “Opera Up Late” – an unparalleled fusion of opera and comedy that promises more than just a night at the theatre. Hailed as the diamond at the heart of last year’s WorldPride festival, this comical genius will captivate you on Friday, 1st March, for a one-night extravaganza that guarantees to annihilate the conventional boundaries of classical and cabaret.

Picture the scene: the clock strikes 10:45 pm, and a murmur of anticipation ripples through the hallowed hallways of the Sydney Opera House. The stage ignites with a spectacle of colour and the air thrums with iconic operatic melodies, reborn with a refreshingly irreverent twist. With Reuben Kaye at the helm, this event draws together the creme de la creme of Australian talent, including operatic tenor Benjamin Rasheed and the effervescent Georgina Hopson, to name but a few.

Reuben Kaye is an unparalleled mastery of satire, combined with a vocal prowess that defies expectation, crafts an experience that is at once breathtaking and wildly unorthodox. This is not your grandmother’s night at the opera. It’s an invitation to partake in something revolutionary, a chance to witness the extraordinary, a rendezvous with the sublime and the ridiculous. Those familiar with Kaye will recognise his inimitable style: vivid, audacious, and endlessly entertaining.

“Carmen at eight years old was just the overture,” Kaye quips with signature flair. Prepare for the crescendo as he delivers what could only be described as a spectacular tribute to both his love of opera and his theatrical verve. Discretion advised, hilarity guaranteed.

Make haste to secure your seat amongst history in the making on this legendary evening. Adult tickets start at just $69, and reservations can be made through the Opera Australia Box Office at (02) 9318 8200 or online at Don’t miss your cue for the cultural event of the season – a symphony of comedy, cabaret, and classic art that will leave you begging for an encore.

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