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Opera Australia and Victorian Opera’s ‘Idomeneo’

Opera connoisseurs and newcomers alike are poised to be captivated as Opera Australia and Victorian Opera unveil their first ever collaboration, bringing Idomeneo to the prestigious stage of the Joan Sutherland Theatre within Sydney’s iconic Opera House. From an impressive debut on the 20th of February to a compelling close on the 15th of March, 2024, theatre-goers can bask in the enthralling narrative that Mozart so timelessly composed.

This partnership heralds a new era for Australian performing arts, showcasing the synergetic prowess of two leading orchestral titans as they orchestrate world-class operatic storytelling. At its core, Idomeneo is a profound meditation on the quintessence of human nature, delving into perilous seas of love, politics, and familial tension, all anchored in the aftermath of the Trojan War. It is a heartfelt exploration of human resolve in the face of dread and the harrowing trials posed by the gods.

The visionary Lindy Hume directs this masterpiece, illuminating Mozart’s 18th-century touchstone through an Age of Enlightenment lens. Her direction imbues the production with a vibrant visual narrative, one that mirrors the stoic beauty and ferocious power of ancient Crete. Audiences will traverse mythic landscapes, masterfully depicted by the creative trifecta of cinematographer Catherine Pettman and the acclaimed design duo, David Bergman and Michael Yeargan.

To speak of this awe-inspiring spectacle is to acknowledge Broadway World’s acclamation for its “theatrical design excellence,” where set, video, and captivating cinematography coalesce to bewitch and transport viewers.

Under the luminescent glow of Verity Hampson’s lighting, the tale unfolds with an impressive lead by Canadian tenor Michael Schade, in his Opera Australia debut. The renowned mezzo-soprano Caitlin Hulcup, alongside an assembly of luminaries – Emma Pearson, Kanen Breen, and OA favourites Celeste Lazarenko, John Longmuir, and Richard Anderson – shine in their respective roles.

Maestro Johannes Fritzsch will marshal the Opera Australia Orchestra and Chorus, enlivening the auditorium with Mozart’s emotive and melodious composition, ensuring an auditory feast parallel to none.

Dare to immerse yourself in this enthralling epic of divinity and determination. This is not merely a performance; it is an elemental experience that resonates as deeply as the myth it portrays.

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