Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show: What to see this June

Melbourne Good Food Wine Show

On until 2 June in Melbourne, the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show is on again, pumping out morsel-after-morsel of deliciousness for visitors and locals alike.

It’ll bring together some of Australia’s most loved chefs, alongside over 250 exhibitors (120+ cheeses, over 800 wines, and more!), and a range of masterclasses for visitors to take part in and enjoy.

The show moves on to Sydney from 21-23 June, but before it does, head on down to see these guys doing their delicious thing.


Pinchys lobster bun

The champagne and lobster bar in Emporium, will be hosting its first Pop-Up at GFWS, exclusive to the Melbourne Show! Pinchy’s operates under a traceable, sustainable process, distribution and production line, and focuses on a higher quality product. They work directly with fisheries in Maine and Alaska, where their world-leading international and environmental standards preserves the resources and offers the best quality and taste. 

Emperor’s Champagne Parlour

A first for the GFWS, the new Parlour is space dedicated to champagne in all its glory, and will feature the Champagne Dame, Kyla Kirkpatrick as a host throughout the weekend. Kyla will teach guests about the history of champagne, the different types, and the best ways to drink champagne (caviar included!). The Parlour will also feature the Emperor Champagne Truck, and Emperor’s newest beverage addition, Charles Collin (which launched two weeks ago) will be available only through Emperor (both during the event and in general).



The Good Food and Wine Show marks the beginning of a nation-wide Whiskey Wanderer tour, including the exclusive look at the Glenfiddich Whisky Wanderer – a first-of-its-kind luxury whiskey lounge on wheels. Glenfiddich has converted a 1972 vintage Leyland bus into a whiskey lounge which will be revealed at the Melbourne Show for guests to enjoy. We have access to whiskey expert Luke Sanderson who will be at the GFWS with Glendfiddich, hosting tastings and cheese pairings. 


Born on the surf coast of Victoria, K.Booch is an alcoholic kombucha, which is twice fermented, and is bottled in pre-mixed flavours. Turns out you CAN have a great night out without ruining your gut health while drinking! K.Booch will be making their first appearance at the GFWS at the Melbourne after launching at the end of last year, and quickly spreading to stockists Australia-wide.