Kimonos for men by Beautiful Robes make any holiday much more relaxed

Beautiful Robes kimono

Sure, it’s not something you’d typically think to pack in your suitcase but a kimono can be one helluva handy addition, especially when you’re off to a hot destination.

Kimonos by Beautiful Robes are just as the name suggests. Quality cotton and silk make up a range that yeah, sure, is something typically reserved for older or regal Japanese men and in the Land of the Rising Sun, but make for an easy holiday option for a bloke who’s not afraid to choose comfort over chinos and over-shirts.

They’re a Melbourne-based lifestyle brand that offers an exclusive collection of sleep wear, day wear and authentic Japanese-made kimonos, bringing-in some welcome Asian influence in a way that Australians can relate to and best-of-all, wear.

Alison Schipp started it in 2010, wanting to bring a bit of luxury and escapism to women and men who value comfort and quality in and around the home.

Beautiful Robes’ signature kimonos articulate a Japanese aesthetic with an accessible and classic style and now, thanks to the new collection, ‘Peninsula Resort’, it’s more accessible than ever.

Inspired by coastal colours and the relaxed Australian beach lifestyle, the Peninsula Resort kimonos are perfect for home or travel. Check out the full collection Beautiful Robes.