Jewish International Film Festival is on across Australia this October

Jewish International FIlm Festival woman

This year, the Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF) returns to Australian screens from 23 October – 6 December, presenting a diverse array of enchanting and enlightening tales from Jewish cinema worldwide. Boasting 55 Australian premiere films from 19 countries, the Festival programme includes 30 feature films, 20 documentaries, two series, and six short films, alongside a suite of live events across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, and the Gold Coast.

According to Artistic Director Eddie Tamir, the 2023 JIFF reflects the timeless resilience and adaptability of the Jewish spirit, offering a remarkable line-up of films from the deepest roots of Yiddish culture to Australian stories and boundary-pushing tales. He described the Festival as an immersive journey that reflects on the past and acts as a beacon for the future.

The Festival begins with the Australian Premiere of ‘Matchmaking,’ Israel’s biggest blockbuster of 2023. This romantic comedy, directed by the mastermind behind ‘Magic Men’, has won the Audience Award at the Miami Jewish Film Festival and takes audiences on a journey with Moti Bernstein, an Ashkenazi ideal who defies tradition for Nechama, a Mizrahi beauty.

As for Australian stories, JIFF 2023 invites audiences to delve deep into history and emotion. ‘Revenge: Our Dad the Nazi Killer’ thrusts viewers into the post-WWII era, where three brothers uncover their father’s suspected revenge spree against Nazis. The closing night film, ‘The Jewish Nazi?’, follows the astounding journey of Alex Kurzem, made “Hitler’s youngest soldier” by a Latvian Nazi battalion after the massacre of his Belarusian family. The Festival’s documentaries and series cover gripping historical events, intimate cultural explorations, and offer unique perspectives.

This year’s line-up also includes features based on true stories such as ‘Stella. A Life’ and ‘The Engineer’, while other films like ‘SHTTL’ and ‘Victory’ explore life in the face of adversity. The Festival also includes a series of short films and a plethora of immersive events to captivate and engage film aficionados.

The 2023 Jewish International Film Festival promises not just cinematic marvels but also an array of enriching experiences from insightful post-film Q&As with esteemed filmmakers to panels with historians, ensuring a holistic cinematic journey for attendees. Plan your visit now and immerse yourself in the magic of Jewish storytelling. For more details, check out the dates and venues below:

  • MELBOURNE Classic Cinemas: 23 October – 29 November
  • Lido Cinemas: 24 October – 28 November
  • SYDNEY Ritz Cinemas: 24 October – 28 November
  • Roseville Cinemas: 2 November – 19 November
  • HOBART State Cinema: 2 November – 12 November
  • PERTH Luna Palace Cinemas: 16 November – 6 December
  • BRISBANE New Farm Cinemas: 16 November – 26 November
  • CANBERRA Dendy Cinemas: 15 November – 22 November
  • GOLD COAST Dendy Cinemas Southport: 16 November – 22 November.