How to say goodbye to your old home

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Saying goodbye to your old home can be a troubling task, one that you may never have thought you would struggle with. There may have been a number if things that have annoyed you about the house. Things that maybe you have not been able to be fixed properly or problems that would have cost more to fix than they were worth. Even with those problems generally a home would have given a lot of support to your life. A secure roof over your family’s heads, as well as a safe place where you created some lovely memories. Those are the things you naturally think about when you are packing your moving boxes that can make saying goodbye to your home an emotional task.

Make the experience positive

An emotional task doesn’t need to be negative. It can be positive if you go about it with care and consideration. Naturally it will be hard to leave a home that you have had children in and brought them up in since they were little. But those experiences and special memories won’t disappear when you leave your old home. Particularly because it is likely that you will possess photos of those special memories or events and can print and frame them. And, if not of the actual event, the aftermath of it, like the excitement or surprise on your partners face after seeing your daughter laugh for the first time.

Capture photographs

There will be rooms that you will remember them starting to crawl in or walls they used to steady themselves when they each took their first steps. Although you can’t take these parts of the house with you, you can preserve the memories of them and if there are other things you think you will miss about the home, like the garden or the views from the bedrooms there is nothing wrong with going around the house and taking some pictures of these things and having them as keepsakes. Ideally, you have already taken professional photographs of your home to sell it and these captures all the views you desire.

Reminisce stories

Another way you can make leaving your old home a positive experience is to plan a family dinner focused on reminiscing. Sharing a meal together, talking about the memories and laughing about the experiences shared will be a great way to say goodbye to your old home and look forward to making more memories in your next home.

Plant your mark

When leaving your home there may be the need or desire to leave something in your place. To mark the end of an era. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent sized garden you could plant a tree or native scrub to commemorate your departure. A tree or large scrub would allow you to leave a some small aspect of your time at your old home.

Pass on your insights

A final act of closure could be to write a letter to the new owners. Tell them some of the special moments you and your family have had in their new home. Share some of the insights you have gathered over the years. Passing them on with the intention of the new owners getting as much joy out of the house as you did will make you feel happy about your new journey.

After carrying out a few of the above suggestions we hope that it has helped to make the transition easier. That you and your family are excited and happy to continue to create and enjoy some new memories together.