Good Food Month Sydney: A chat with cake master Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath

Good Food Month is back on in Sydney this October, putting on the best the city has to offer in the way of food and drink.

You can see the whole program here to sort yourself out with tickets, but to whet your appetite and get the sweet tooth a’tinglin’, we spoke to Katherine Sabbath, cake boss, about her participation this year and what it’s all about.

Why are cakes so popular right now? 

Cakes have been popular for centuries! I think the trend nowadays towards more people making exciting cakes or buying exciting cakes is because there’s a much better range and accessibility out there for cake decorating ingredients and tools. Also, technology at out fingertips, such as youtube and Instagram, has opened the door to self-learning (hello to all self-taught bakers!) and inspiration from across the world!

What spurred the resurgence of baking and everyone’s love for desserts? 

People will always love and celebrate food – it’s at the core of our survival and civilisation. Popular television cooking shows have reiterated to people that cooking brings so much joy to those around you (especially a bespoke birthday cake!), and technology has made learning how to cook more difficult desserts, so much easier!

Why does baking do it for you? 

I adore baking because you have the ability to create something delicious, beautiful and thoughtful as a special treat to share with others. Oh and it’s a fantastic way to make friends!

Give us some tips to tackle trendy bakes?

Only bake and decorate cakes with ingredients you enjoy eating (my favourites are raspberries, Persian fairy floss, Swiss meringue buttercream, chocolate and more chocolate). Trendy cakes may impress visually, but they are wasted if they aren’t delicious! Check out your local cake decorating supplies store (and online) to find the latest advancements in cake decorating tools and ingredients. And remember, inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere, so be open to creating your own delicious baking trend by celebrating what makes your own style unique.

Favourite cake?

Anything containing flavours of rich chocolate! I am a complete chocolate addict. 

See Katherine at Sydney Good Food Month at the QT Sydney.

High Tea with Katherine Sabbath at QT| 1:30pm Sunday, 6 October | Parlour Laneway, QT Sydney $150
Katherine Sabbath, the original gangsta of creative baking, is re-imagining High Tea with an epic cake party celebrating her latest cookbook, Bake Australia Great. Guests will not only feast on Katherine’s latest creations, but hear from the cake master herself and receive a signed copy to take home.
Tickets include sweet and savoury high tea, wine, Pimm’s plus a signed copy of Bake Australia Great.

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