The inexpensive way to clear skin: Shower with SheaMoisture in London


You know how there are two types of bath towel people: those who like them fluffy and soft and those who leave them to dry so they’re rough and crispy and invigorating?

If ever you’ve used the latter type of bath towel, you’ll know how it leaves your skin kind of buzzing.

Well, now you can get that all shower long as well, if that’s your jam, thanks to this new product that takes all the good bits of invigorating ingredients and turns them up.

SheaMoisture is skincare that takes a little bit of Africa and a lot of contemporary skincare formulation to product a drop that cleans, obviously and does all that good stuff, with the added benefit of decongesting the skin and awakening the senses.

The range is six products deep and is cleverly divided in a bid to target and resolve your individual skincare concerns or needs, transforming your everyday shower into a customised pamper. 

For those amongst us with sensitive skin, they’ve even got a ‘free-from’ formula that’s been enriched with the finest, ethically-sourced ingredients, making sure to not upset your skin no matter your sensitivity.

The two products we road tested are the SheaMoisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox wash, ideal for detoxifying your skin and the moisturiser, good for backing it up.

The two are part of a pretty invigorating collection – shake them well before use because the ingredients separate – that have been made to zing your skin, thanks to the mint, and energise, thanks to the African water.

The nourishing body wash expertly extracts dirt and deeply cleanses the skin, then follow with the rich body lotion to lock in those all important essential oils.

It’s a nice addition to the bathroom, quality addition to your skincare regimen and won’t break the bank, at £10.99 a go. Get them from Boots in the UK.